WNF2021 x Victrix Winter Season


WNF welcomes Victrix back into the fight this Winter Season with a tournament series! Starting this February 10, players will have a chance to compete and earn points to win premium Victrix prizes at the end of our Winter Season. Check out our finals stream every Weds starting at 6PM PST on twitch.tv/leveluplive . Shoutouts to Victrix for supporting the fighting game community at WNF!

Visit our friends at Victrix for news on their latest Fight Sticks and Peripherals as seen on Weds Night Fights: victrixpro.com/



Street Fighter V – Street Fighter x Victrix Limited Edition Pro FS (Choice of Cammy, Bison, Guile, or Ken)

Street Fighter Alpha 2 – Pro AF ANC 

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo – Pro AF

Registration: Opens every Monday (Feb 10 – Apr 7)


*Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo and Street Fighter Alpha 2 have qualifiers on Tuesdays and top 8 continues on Wednesday.

**Street Fighter V bracket play and top 8 is on Wednesday only.



Discord: (Mandatory)


Points Scale:

1st 50

2nd 40

3rd 30

4th 20

5th 10

5th 10

7th 5

7th 5

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