WNF x World Warrior 2023

Weds Night Fight returns in 2023 and we are an official Capcom Pro Tour World Warrior 2023 region qualifier! After a long needed break from the CPT 2022 season, we’re back in full swing to support our local regions of Canada West and US West with our friends at Vancouver Street Battle. This year we’re also welcoming the inaugural year of Street Fighter 6 and the next generation of players enjoying fighting games together. With Level Up and Vancouver Street Battle hosting World Warrior qualifiers from our local regions, we are sending 2 players to Capcom Cup X for a chance at the $2 million dollar prize pool!


Please see the schedule for both Canada West and US West below. The first date is the qualifier event and the second date is top 8. Only top 8 will be streamed on our twitch.tv/leveluplive channel and VODs will be available on our youtube.com/levelupseries channel. Tournament qualifier and top 8 start at 7pm Pacific Time.

Update: Due to the anticipated AKI release scheduled maintenance, WNF x Canada West 4 Bracket Play and Top 8 will be on the September 27. Bracket play will start at 7pm and Top 8 will start roughly at 9pm PDT. Please see the updated StartGG page for more details: https://www.start.gg/tournament/wnf-world-warrior-2023-canada-west-4/details


Canada WestUS West
1. start.gg/ww23-wnf-canw11. start.gg/ww23-wnf-usw1
2. start.gg/ww23-wnf-canw22. start.gg/ww23-wnf-usw2
3. start.gg/ww23-wnf-canw33. start.gg/ww23-wnf-usw3
4. start.gg/ww23-wnf-canw44. start.gg/ww23-wnf-usw4
5. start.gg/ww23-wnf-canw55. start.gg/ww23-wnf-usw5

Points Distribution

For full Capcom Pro Tour 2023 rules, please visit: https://sf.esports.capcom.com/cpt/rules/

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