WNF is an official World Warrior event!


Level Up is excited to partner with Capcom’s inaugural World Warrior program, part of the Capcom Pro Tour 2022. Level Up’s premier weekly tournament, Weds Night Fights, will have standalone monthly online events for Canada West and US West kicking off this July. Each region will have their separate region-locked ranking tournaments from July – November 2022. Top 8 highest point scorers by the end of November will compete in the regional final event in December 2022. The winner of the regional final event will earn their rightful spot into Capcom Cup IX! 

In addition to this amazing opportunity with the World Warrior program, we are partnering with our friends at Vancouver Street Battle (VSB) to co-host WNF Canada West events. VSB will provide their expertise in seeding, bracket administration, and local commentary to ensure the region is right at home with a trusted tournament organizer.

“Home of the Vancouver, BC FGC and Canada’s Premier Gaming Destination! Vancouver Street Battle strives to provide a competitive and welcoming community for beginner and veteran players alike! Join us at VSB to meet and compete against BC’s best in Smash Ultimate, BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, Street Fighter, and more!”

For more information about Capcom Pro Tour World Warrior 2022, please visit:

A New Pathway To Capcom Cup

WNF x World Warrior 2022 Schedule:

Canada West  US West
start.gg/wwcw-wnf2022-july  start.gg/ww-wnf2022-july
start.gg/wwcw-wnf2022-aug start.gg/ww-wnf2022-aug
start.gg/wwcw-wnf2022-sept start.gg/ww-wnf2022-sept
start.gg/wwcw-wnf2022-oct start.gg/ww-wnf2022-oct
start.gg/wwcw-wnf2022-nov start.gg/ww-wnf2022-nov
start.gg/wwcw-wnf2022-final start.gg/ww-wnf2022-final

WNF World Warrior events has double elimination best of 3 bracket play on Tuesdays at 7pm where players compete to qualify into Top 8. Top 8 continues on Wednesdays at 7pm. Similar to Capcom Pro Tour rules, Top 8 turns into best of 5 throughout the rest of the tournament. Every participant earns points after every monthly WNF event.

Please see the World Warrior Point System below:


Watch Top 8 on Wednesdays at 7pm Pacific Time on:

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