West Coast SBO ’11 AE Qualifiers Aftermath – Update!

On July 16, top west coast teams battled in a 2v2 Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition tournament to qualify for SBO 2011 in Japan. The event was held in Round 1 Bowling & Amusement in the City of Industry with sponsor support by Mad Catz, the makers of high quality gaming peripherals.

Many top players fought for the gold but only one stood higher than the rest. ¬†Level|Up congratulates ‘Team No SBO 4 You’ Brokentier.Latif / Mr.Snk! They’re going to represent 1 of 3 United States teams to compete with Japan’s finest this year!

WC SBO AE Qualifier full results can be found here:


Congratulations Brokentier.Latif (Abdullatif Alhmili) and Mr.Snk (Niko Liristis)!

Update: July 19, 2011

Team ‘No SBO For You’ confirms that they will forfeit their spot for the runner up team due to passport/visa complications.

Team Complexity.Cross Counter will now represent the US in the SBO 2011 SSF4:AE tournament in September.

Runner-up: Complexity.Cross Counter –¬† Mike ‘Vermillion’ Ross and Ryan ‘Filipino Champ’ Ramirez

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