Weds Night Fights x Yomi Twitter Contest! – Winners

Weds Night Fights x Yomi Twitter Contest!

2 lucky viewers will have a chance to win Yomi The Complete First Edition card game from! Created by David Sirlin, featured on Bang the Machine Doc. and top old school Street Fighter player from NorCal.

This Complete First Edition of Yomi contains:

  • All 10 character decks on playing card stock with coating, not cheapy CCG card material
  • 8-page rulebook with FAQ, plus 10 copies of 1-pages quick rules
  • Two large, beautiful playmats, each with different art and integrated life counters
  • Two red acrylic beads and two blue acrylic beads to track your life total on the playmats

Must have a valid twitter account and respond to direct messages! Follow @alexvallesf4 and @levelupseries.

Tweet Contest Rules:

‘Tweet your favorite WNF Yomi moment and win the game from! Must have #WNF & the word Yomi in your tweet! 2 winners max!”

Watch 6/29 Weds Night Fights: Summer Edition 2011 at 8PM PST

For more information about Yomi or Sirlin Games, visit the homepage:


@wildfireZer0 Best #WNF #Yomi moment? Just two seconds ago NerdJosh destroying DarkPhoenix by just predicting her teleport

@Veserius favorite #WNF yomi moment was in 4.4 marvel. Viscant is mashing with Dark Phoenix and Combofiend XFCs through and hits with shulk lvl3.


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