Weds Night Fights x Crystal Crisis

Weds Night Fights x Crystal Crisis

Crystal Crisis returns to Weds Night Fights and we’re celebrating launch week festivities with dedicated casual gaming stations, special pre-game show, and pro player exhibitions this May 29. We had the pleasure of hosting a pre-game show with an early build of the game but we are absolutely thrilled to see the official roster and various modes in the launch version of Crystal Crisis. We are also excited to announce special guest and fighting game legend Justin Wong will be joining our pre-game show and taking on WNF challengers throughout the night. Justin is not only a fighting game genius but extends his talents in the puzzle genre. Think you can rushdown Justin Wong in Crystal Crisis?

Justin Wong: How Cool is Crystal Crisis

1v1 Action

4v4 Action

Warm up on our dedicated Crystal Crisis gaming stations starting at 7PM and take on WNF guests on our pre-game show which starts at 9:30PM. Justin Wong and WNF co-founder Alex Valle will host the pre-game show introducing Crystal Crisis to the fans to kick off WNF. Last but not least, we will have some viewer and WNF live attendee giveaways for a chance to win a copy of Crystal Crisis so make sure to tune in for the show!

Shoutouts to Nicalis for supporting the WNF community and congratulations on the release of Crystal Crisis! We are looking forward to a great event with our friends at Nicalis!

You can purchase Crystal Crisis for $29.99 on the Nintendo Switch now at:

For more information about Crystal Crisis, visit:

Esports Arena Orange County
120 West 5th Street
Santa Ana, California 92701

May 29, 2019

Schedule: Timezone PST
7PM Casuals
930PM Pre-game show

$10 Day Pass


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