Weds Night Fights Season 3 Finale Donation Drive


WNF Season 3 Finale is here and we got an amazing show tonight! Mad Catz and THQ are teaming up to ‘layeth the smackdown’ of prizes to WNF viewers that donate at least $10 or more to the Level|Up stream! Show your support and get 5 chances to win the following:

*Marvel vs. Capcom 3 TE Stick

*Call of Duty Black Ops Tritton Headset

*WWE All-Stars Brawl Stick

*WWE All-Stars Brawl Pad

*WWE All-Stars Game

Time/Date: 8PM PST May 4, 2011

Stream URL :

Donation Rules:

1.       To participate, donate at least $10 to our Paypal:

2.       Donate as a gift.

3.       Sit back, enjoy the stream and we will announce winners the next day via our Twitter/Facebook



What if I want to enter multiple times?

We recommend participants to make separate Papal donations following the rules above.


Mike Smith donates $10 as his first entry.

Mike Smith donates $10 as his second entry.

How and when will winners be announced?

We’ll announce winners a few days after the broadcast via our @levelupseries Twitter and Facebook. We’ll also send an email to winners confirming their shipping address for prize distribution.

Where does my donation go?

All donations go into improving our stream and future events.

International entrees accepted for the contest?

Contest only eligible for North America. If you wish to donate anyways, we highly appreciate your support!

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