TwitchTV is an Official Sponsor of SCR2011!

TwitchTV is an Official Sponsor of SCR2011!

TwitchTV, the premier online broadcasting network for gamers, provides a great platform for competitive gaming events around the world. They’re taking the necessary steps into our scene’s growth displaying hundreds of broadcasts we’ve come to enjoy everyday.  In their ongoing efforts to support the scene, Level|Up is proud to announce TwitchTV as an official sponsor of SoCal Regionals 2011! For the first time at SCR, we’re featuring 2 Level|Up live streams simultaneously on TwitchTV so fans can catch all the fighting game action! That’s not all, TwitchTV is also sponsoring the Super Street Fighter 4: AE 2012 tournament with a bonus pot of $1,000! Gaming entertainment is coming strong this December 17-18, get hype!

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