Triumvir Street Fighter x Triumvir, Psycho Brigade Sale!

“Triumvir is having a pre-order for reprints of their classic and Shadaloo line! Use promo “levelup” for 10% discount!”

10% Off Code: levelup

Rules: Triumvir 2011, Street Fighter x Triumvir, Psycho Brigade

Triumvir 2011 Pre-Order – Some Classics & Shadaloo Favorites

Pre-Order Link:

*Pre-Order Items: Estimated delivery date is February 7th ~ 11th.

Triumvir bringing back their some of their popular designs like the Constantine Bomber on a slim-hood & tee, Rome Never Fell made it back by popular demand, a lot of pervs out there requested the No Means Yes and Street Fighter Shadaloo Comic Con 2008 version colorway back from hiatus… all requested by fans alike.

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