Street Fighter IV Champion Edition Winners!

Street Fighter IV Champion Edition Winners and Aftermath!


For the first time, Weds Night Fights has featured a mobile tournament showcasing Street Fighter IV Champion Edition on the iOS. After 3 monthly tournaments, Weds Night Fights veterans such as Brenttiscool, CMDR Jesse, and Stupendous put their skills to the test on a new platform for Street Fighter but fell short to the top 2 mobile community finalists, AtomBreaker and -Lexi-.




AtomBreaker and -Lexi- were untouchable throughout all events and put on a great performance showcasing a new breed of fighting game players on the mobile platform. Our Street Fighter IV Champion Edition top 4 overall finalists have been crowned and also awarded a piece of the $1,000 prize bonus supported by Capcom mobile. We want to thank all participants for attending Weds Night Fights and to all our viewers supporting the scene! See you at the next event!



1st AtomBreaker ($500)

2nd -Lexi- ($300)

3rd Stupendous ($150)

4th CaptYadierPR ($50)

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