Statement Regarding Wednesday Night Fights – Feb. 29, 2012

Last night on Wednesday Night Fights (2/29/2012), remarks were said by community commentators that alluded to recent events involving the Fighting Game Community (FGC) and the sexual harassment controversy that surrounds it. From time to time, members of the community will come onto our broadcast to provide match analysis and commentary. These remarks do not reflect the views and opinions of  Level | Up  or our affiliates, partners, and/or sponsors. It is not Level | Up’s intention to make light of sexual harassment nor do we condone it. Level | Up and its staff feel harassment of any form is wrong and that everyone should be treated respectfully.

The community commentators involved express their sincerest apologies for anything they may have said including releasing a statement themselves about the matter:

“I just wanted to say, my views and personal opinions of do not reflect Level | Up, EVO, SRK or the fighting game community and any company in any way. A lot of people know me as the nice but joking guy who doesn’t have any bad intentions.
I love this community with all my heart, and I’ve poured a lot of what I could into this community. I understand now that is it a very heavy topic that should not be lightly talked about. I misjudged a lot of things yesterday and said things I definitely should not have. I have no excuses and I hope everyone looks past this and onto a bright future.” — Martin “Marn” Phan

“I want to personally apologize for any comments made during last night’s WNF session that may have offended anyone. These were not my intentions. Please understand that any and all things that I say are not at all the views of Level | Up, SRK, EVO, or any other Fighting Game organization. The FGC is the most professional, courteous, and open gaming organization I have ever been involved in, and I apologize if any of my comments have shown an outstanding community in any negative light. I am simply someone who offers my views and commentary on an occasional basis, and if anything I may have said was considered in bad taste, unprofessional, or offensive, I take full personal responsibility for what was said. Again, I sincerely apologize for anything that may have offended anyone; I was simply influenced by the moment, and it should not have happened.” — Christian “ETR” Cain

Marn and Christian will not be invited to speak on future Level | Up broadcasts, and are reviewing our selection process for guest commentators. Again, we sincerely apologize if anyone was offended by the remarks said on our recent broadcast. As a company founded by Fighting Game Community members, it is not our intention to paint the scene in this manner; instead we stand by our mission statement and will continue to focus on showcasing the scene in a positive manner — a scene that can be professional, inviting, and competitive.

– Level | Up

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