SRK/EVO Supports Weds Night Fights 2012!

Wednesday Night fights 2012

Weds Night Fights 2012 is back and we’re locked and loaded with 2 amazing announcements to start off the new season! First up, Level|Up is proud to announce as the official fighting game website sponsor of WNF2012! For over a decade, SRK has been the premier site for news, strategy guides, tournaments, and events for the fighting game community. In their ongoing efforts to move the scene forward, they will be supporting 22 episodes of WNF action starting Feb. 1, 2012 all the way through to the EVO World Finals in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Speaking of which, we know many of our SoCal players have been wondering why our region has the least qualifiers in the Road to EVO Tournament Season. Well, that’s definitely about to change! Level|Up is also proud to announce that our WNF2012 Ranking Point system is now officially part of the Road to EVO 2012 Tournament Season! How will it work? What’s going on you say? For the first time, WNF2012 season finalists will have an opportunity to accumulate EVO seed points for AE2012 and UMVC3! That’s 48 possible chances across 2 of the biggest games in the FGC! We’re excited to collaborate with our good friends at SRK/EVO in bringing gaming entertainment to the masses! SoCal GET HYPE!!

WNF2012 SRK Thread

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