SoCal’s Level | Up @ Dave & Buster’s Results and Aftermath

New players and long time rivalries clashed at SoCal’s Level | Up tournament on February 27, 2010.  With a packed house of over 180 in attendance and 128 of them participants, the showroom entertained guests of many regions with great food and drinks while watching high quality competition. 

The event featured two 64-man tournaments of today’s most popular fighting games, Street Fighter 4 and Tekken 6, with over $3,000 worth of cash and prizes.  Some lucky participants also won prizes in various audience participation events throughout the tournament provided by Madcatz, Hori, Young & Reckless, and many more.  Level |Up’s very own Alex Valle was also featured in Galaxy 4 Gamer’s “Beat The Pro” side event displaying a new way to challenge the pro for a chance to win cash and bragging rights.  For more information on Galaxy 4 Gamers “Beat The Pro” visit

Photography by Kara ‘Karaface’ Leung:

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Street Fighter IV
Winner: Justin Wong (7-1, cammy, rufus)
2. Combofiend (cammy, abel, sagat)
3. Ricky O (rufus)
4. Shizza (chun)
5. Juicebox (abel, ryu)
5. Mike Ross (edmund)
7. ShadyK (akuma)
7. AlexMan (viper)

Tekken 6
Winner: Mr. Naps (7-0)
2. Aris
3. Chetchetty
4. Ricky O
5. Got Soymilk
5. K30
7. Just Frame James
7. Suiken

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