SoCal Regionals Cosplay Contest!

SoCal Regionals Cosplay Contest!

Yes, you read right, we’re having some added fun this year for all you creative cosplay fans! Since SCR is a fighting game event, we want to keep the theme to fighters only! This event will be a competition so expect some over the top cosplay! Will there be any prizes? Absolutely! Winners will get some awesome prizes from our sponsors at SCR that won’t disappoint! So come out, suit up, and rush that cosplay down!

  1. I.                 Registration

–          Registration for the contest will be on-site only from 8am-10am. Please register in the check-in table located at the front entrance of the event.

–          Upon registration, please give your name(gamertag) and cosplay description(name of character).

–          Onsite registration is only $5.

–          Cosplay contest starts at 4pm.

  1. II.              Awards

–          Most awards will be given by discretion of a panel of judges. Participants must identify themselves to the judges in this order: name, character, game character is from.

  1. A.   Best in Show
    1. Great performance and costume that grabs the attention of the audience.
    2. Acts like the character portrayed.
    3. Incorporates elements of “Best Craftsmanship” (see below).
  1. B.    Best Craftsmanship
    1. Difficulty of costume/props.
    2. Attention to detail and similarity to character portrayed.
    3. Amount of effort put into costume’s creation.
  1. C.    Stream Monsters’ Choice
    1. Viewers will vote for a winner (fan favorite).
    1. III.           Rules and Regulations

–         ALLrules must be observed. Inability to comply with the rules will result in disqualification.

  1. A.   The Character
    1. Character chosen is restricted to fighting games only.
      1. Marvel characters must have appeared in theMarvel vs. Capcomseries.
      2. DC characters must have appeared inMortal Kombat vs. DC Universe.
      3. Choosing a character that is not overdone is to your advantage.
  1. B.    The Costume
    1. Whole costumes mustNOTbe bought from a Halloween store or similar.
    2. Majority of costume must be hand-made.
    3. Participant will be asked questions about craftsmanship by the judges.
    4. No characters in “street clothes.”
    5. Regular, everyday clothing is not engaging, and thus not permitted.
    6. Body Coverage
      1. All costumes need to be tasteful; the barest minimum of coverage that will be allowed at the event will be that of a bikini.
      2. Body paint, latex pasties, etc. are not considered adequate body coverage without additional clothing worn over it.
    1. C.    The Skit (Optional)
      1. If participants choose not to have a skit, they must complete the following steps:
      2. Identify him/herself as stated above.
      3. Walk to the center of the stage.
      4. Pose facing the audience.
      5. Pose facing the judges.
      6. Speak with the judges about craftsmanship of costume.
      7. Participants with skits must first identify themselves before proceeding with the skit.
      8. Skits must last no more than 2 minutes.
        1. If music or a soundtrack is required, participants must provide audio equipment.
        2. After the skit is completed, participants must follow stepsceas stated above (CategoryC1).



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