SoCal Regionals 2018: Event Policy

SoCal Regionals 2018: Event Policy


*SoCal Regionals Event Policy Update – 9/7/2018

Since the initial posting of our security policy for SCR, we have received a variety of feedback that ranged from very positive to harsh criticism. There is no single solution that will satisfy all opinions but we have been working hard at finding a median that balances safety, convenience, and concern.

We have looked into the options we posted and have added additional guards. We are also currently pursuing funding to obtain an X-ray machine to help expedite the screening of bags and peripherals. Regardless if an X-ray machine is obtained, we will proceed with the following updated screening process:

  • All attendees and guests will be subject to walk-through and handheld metal detectors
  • All bags of any kind will be inspected
  • All loose items, such as clothing, will be inspected
  • All latched joysticks that can be opened with a switch/button, such as a QANBA Dragon, Razer Panthera, etc. , will be mandated to be opened for inspection
  • Joysticks that are held together with bolts and screws will be visually inspected
    • If there is anything suspicious, you will be asked to open your joystick
    • If there is nothing suspicious, no further action is needed

It is still encouraged to only bring the necessities to the event. The more you have, the longer it will take to be screened.

We appreciate your continued understanding and patience.


*SoCal Regionals Event Policy – 8/31/2018

Safety is our number 1 priority at SoCal Regionals. We are exercising the following security protocols over the weekend for the safety of all guests:

All bags, purses, back packs, and other personal belongings will be searched prior to entering the event. It is advised to bring the bare minimum to the show floor, if possible.

All fight sticks will be thoroughly inspected. This means all guests must be prepared to open their fight sticks whether they are screwed or latched before entering the event. It is advised to unscrew/unlatch the bottom or top compartment prior to arriving. We will start conversations with volunteers and Arcade Shock, to provide complimentary service to help you re-screw your panel.

Game pads such as a Dual Shock 4 or small game controllers will not be required to be opened but will still follow visual inspection.

All guests must walk through metal detectors at the event entrance and will be subject to handheld metal detectors for further inspection.

It is strongly advised to arrive at least 1-2 hours before your scheduled tournament bracket begins. We cannot stress how important your safety means to us. We want everyone to enjoy themselves and have great games at SoCal Regionals.

Lastly, we looked into adding MORE security at SCR. Added security means added costs to the event order. To provide transparency into the costs, we are providing a cost table of the options we looked into based on your feedback. We are asking the community what would be a good compromise to assist with this cost; which will not only affect our event, but also future gaming events.



1. Utilize buy-in prize pools from sponsored tournaments which are $5,000 or higher.
2. Increase competitor / spectator costs
3. Sponsorship (currently seeking)
4. Crowdfund
5. Combined efforts from suggestions 1-4

Thank you for your time in reading our event policy update. We hope to have a healthy discussion on security implementation with the community and find a happy medium.


– Level Up

SCR2015 Crowd Shot Photography by:

Chris Bahn

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