SoCal Regionals 2017 Lineup, Registration, and Special Announcements!

SoCal Regionals 2017 Lineup, Registration, and Special Announcements!


SoCal Regionals(SCR) 2017 is moving full speed ahead with registration, game line up, and special announcements to quench your fighting game needs! If this is your first major event, we are as excited as you are because you get to meet generations of fighting game fans celebrating competition, community driven events, and see the latest products and services from our scene.

What games will be at SCR this year?

Street Fighter V – PlayStation 4
Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite – PlayStation 4
Tekken 7 – PlayStation 4
Injustice 2 – PlayStation 4
Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2 – PlayStation 4
BlazBlue Central Fiction – PlayStation 4
Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[st] – PlayStation 4
The King of Fighters XIV – PlayStation 4
Killer Instinct – Xbox One
Pokken Tournament DX – Nintendo Switch
Super Street Fighter II Turbo – Arcade

What is the schedule?

Preliminary tournament schedule is as follows: (Please Note: Final schedule with times will be posted in September)

Street Fighter V – Pools
Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite – Pools
Tekken 7 – Pools
Killer Instinct – Pools & Finals
The King of Fighters – Pools & Finals

Street Fighter V – Pools & Semifinals
Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite – Pools & Semifinals
Tekken 7 – Pools & Semifinals
Injustice 2 – Pools & Semifinals
Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2 – Pools & Semifinals
Blazblue Central Fiction – Pools & Semifinals
Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late[st] – Pools & Semifinals
Pokken Tournament DX – Pools & Semifinals
Super Street Fighter II Turbo – Pools & Semifinals

Finals for all games except Killer Instinct & The King of Fighters XIV.

Where is the venue?


Anaheim Convention Center
800 W Katella Ave, Anaheim, CA 92802
Ballrooms: EDC

How much is to participate? Are there spectator passes?

$45 + $10 per game you wish to compete in which gives you 3 days access to SCR. Please Note: Competitor passes will be $55 after September 4.

Spectator passes are $10 daily and available onsite only.

Where can I register?

Visit our main SCR site for general information at

Visit our competitor sign up page at

Is there an official SCR hotel?


We are excited to partner with Anaheim Marriott as the official SCR 2017 hotel, which is right next door to the Anaheim Convention Center. Guest room availability includes 1 king bed or 2 double beds, high quality Marriott supreme mattresses, mini refrigerators, cable TV, centralized power outlets, and high speed internet access. You can book your rooms now for only $119 at, which is good through September 21-24.

Will there be vendors at SCR?

Arcade Shock

There will be local vendors showcasing their latest products such as apparel, fight sticks, toys, and much more! Stay tuned for the vendor lineup!

How can I sponsor SCR?

Looking for opportunities to showcase your products and services to one of the largest fighting game regions in the country? We can assist you with onsite and online SCR programming at 

Will there be an artist alley, cosplay, and special attractions?



We are expanding our range of attractions this year and we’re excited to team up with Kitty Kaboom to help lead this initiative as our Creative Partnerships Manager at SCR! If you’re looking to be part of SoCal Regionals and have awesome ideas, please feel free to contact Kitty Kaboom at for more details.

“Kitty Kaboom has been a video game enthusiast since she first held a controller, and is a huge fan of old-school Capcom and SNK properties. Captivated and inspired by the characters she encountered, she made her cosplay debut at Comic-Con 2001 as Mai Shiranui. This led her not only to success as a fan favorite cosplayer but also towards a passionate career in modeling, acting, prop making, wire and stunt work; appearing at import racing events and in numerous martial art films. She also enjoys a love of drift racing, and could often be found dumping quarters into the Initial D arcade machines.

Over the years, Kitty has frequently been seen many times on G4TV, she has been featured in PlayStation magazine, Animerica, Over Rev, and Option 2 Import magazine, has appeared in leading roles in such projects as “Action Angels”, “Everyone’s Kung Fu Fighting: Reloaded”and “Everyone’s Kung Fu Fighting Again” as well as pioneered her own events as the co-founder and creator of Jurassic Con in 2012. Throughout her continuing adventures, she has made and met many fans and friends, won several Cosplay contest and Masquerade awards (such as Best presentation, Best performance, and multiple 1st Place awards), and even met some of her role models – including a very special encounter with Yuji Shiozaki, author / creator of one of her all-time favorite mangas, Ikkitousen, who was so impressed with her cosplay that he even immortalized their meeting in the pages of his work.

Continuing to pursue her dreams, she has now begun embracing the fighting game community in between advancing her cosplay, training, and film projects.”

SCR2017 is a Battle for the Stones event!

Battle For The Stones

SoCal Regionals is one of six Infinity Stone tournaments where players can compete and qualify for a spot at the Battle for the Stones finals event in December. The Battle for the Stones event will feature 6 Infinity Stone qualifiers, 7 EVO champions, and 3 online warriors which will fight for $30,000 in cash and a one of a kind trophy. Each Infinity Stone comes with a special rule changing effect in your favor! Prove yourself at SoCal Regionals 2017 as the first Infinity Stone qualifier this September 22-24!

Hitbox supports SCR2017!


Hitbox is supporting SCR this year by providing a few of their amazing units to our yearly raffle prize pool! These awesome peripherals are widely used in various fighting game tournaments today which gives players another option for precision in the competitive scene.

For more information about Hitbox, visit:

World 8 Supports SCR2017!

W8 Slide

World 8 is a Los Angeles based video game shop specializing in the latest titles, repair, vintage games, toys, and special events. Our friends will be at SCR this year bringing some of their finest merchandise for sale at their booth. Stop by and check out some rare items from World 8 at SCR this weekend!

For more information about World 8, visit:

HyperX is the Official Headset Sponsor of SCR2017!


HyperX is the official headset sponsor of SCR2017! Our friends are coming in hot by providing headsets for every single tournament station this year. Having audio at every station is crucial for tournament matches so we can ensure the highest quality of competition at SoCal Regionals.

For more information about HyperX headsets, visit:

ZOTAC, Mushkin, & Roccat presents the SCR Gaming Lounge & Exhibitions!


Zotac, Mushkin, & Roccat presents the SCR Gaming Lounge & Exhibitions!

ZOTAC, the creators of the Original Mini PC, supports the SoCal Regionals (SCR) Gaming Lounge 2017 for players to enjoy some of their favorite fighting game titles such as Street Fighter V, Tekken 7, or Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite. Play on various super compact, powerful yet whisper quiet ZOTAC Gaming Mini PC models such as the MAGNUS EN1060K, EN1070K, and EN1080 machines for casual matches throughout all 3 days at SCR. The MAGNUS EN1060K and EN1070K Gaming Mini PCs pack 7th Gen Intel® Core™ i5 processors and NVIDIA GeForce® GTX 1070 or 1060 graphics. The MAGNUS EN1080 is one of the most powerful Gaming Mini PCs available equipped with an Intel Core i7 processor and the only Mini PC to come with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080, is the world first Mini PC to be liquid cooled.

ZOTAC Mini PCs are powered by partners at Mushkin and Roccat which provides quality performance at each machine. Mushkin, manufacturers of performance computer products, are providing SSDs and DDR4 SODIMM memory to bring quality to all gaming stations. They are also providing special giveaways at SCR to lucky guests!

Roccat, manufacturers of high quality peripherals and unique designs, are providing gaming peripherals such as keyboard and mice to every ZOTAC Gaming Mini PC at the SCR Gaming Lounge.

Next up, our friends at ZOTAC, Mushkin, and Roccat are presenting a series of SCR exhibition matches on September 22nd featuring Marvel vs Capcom Infinite! For the first exhibition, we have Splyce | FChamp vs Clockwork! These legendary players are known technical masters of the game and we’re excited to see the newest technology the game has to offer. For the second exhibition, we have Echo Fox | Justin Wong vs EG | Chris G! The finale match between Marvel gods will close out day 1 at SCR2017!

Exhibition Schedule:

Friday September 22

Splyce FChamp vs Clockwork – 8PM

Echo Fox | Justin Wong vs Evil Geniuses | Chris G – 9PM

Eightarc Supports SCR2017!


Our good friends at Eightarc return as an official supporter of SCR providing their latest lines of fight sticks for our yearly raffle prize pool! Catch the SCR stream for deals on the Drone, Obsidian, Dragon, and many more on this September 22-24!

For more information about Eightarc, visit:

NSURGO Supports SCR2017!

SCR Shirt Exclusive Teaser

We are excited to have NSURGO debut at SoCal Regionals with us for the first time! Designers of the infamous Street Fighter Skateboard decks, In4mation x NSURGO SF hats, Daigo’s “The Will to Keep Winning” Book, and various quality apparel, NSURGO will be at SCR showcasing their latest lines of lifestyle gear and collectibles all weekend long. Drop by their booth and see what’s in store at SoCal Regionals! You may see some special surprises! 

For more information about NSURGO, visit their site at:

Jasco Games supports SCR2017!

WNF ad


Jasco Games is a premier designer and publisher of table top games, collectible card games, board games, and more. Our friends are making their first appearance at SoCal Regionals providing demos, selling their latest games, and teaching guests how to play their Universal Fighting System (UFS) featuring popular fighting game characters. They are also bringing their Street Fighter card game and Megaman board game for fans to enjoy.

Check out the Jasco Games booth at SCR all weekend and learn some awesome table top games with the fighting game community.

For more information about Jasco Games, visit:

Zowie, a brand by BenQ, is the official monitor of SCR2017!


Zowie, a brand by BenQ, returns as the official monitor of SoCal Regionals! All tournament stations, except for Super Street Fighter II Turbo, will be equipped with the RL 2460 series which is widely used in fighting game events such as the Capcom Pro Tour, EVO, and our Weds Night Fights stream stations.

Why play on a Zowie RL 2460? They are 24” monitors with audio, have 1ms (GtG) response time, HDMI out for head to head option, vibrant colors, and simple to set up.

For more information about the Zowie RL 2460 series, visit:

Arcade Shock & Splitframe supports SCR2017!


Arcade Shock and Splitframe, SoCal’s resident supplier of fight sticks, specialized parts, & apparel will be at SCR this year. Check out their booth for top of the line gear from Sanwa Denshi, Seimitsu, HORI, Qanba, and much more!

For more information about Arcade Shock, visit their site at:

Jasen’s Customs supports SCR2017!

Jasens Custom Title

Jasen’s Customs returns as an official supporter of SoCal Regionals! Innovator of unique and quality designs for the modern fight stick, Jasen’s Customs is providing an SCR branded fight stick to our yearly raffle prize pool this September 22-24!

Custom SCR 2017 Artwork Designed by HIBACHIFINAL

The SCR PFS 3 Will Be Raffled Off On 24 September 2017

For more information about Jasen’s Customs products and services, visit:

Shunao joins the SCR Artist Alley!


We are excited to have Shunao join us at the SCR artist alley this year providing amazing artwork including fan-made merchandise of anime and video game-related posters and key charms. Check out Shunao artwork at the SCR artist alley and support one of our own community members giving back to the scene!




For more information about Shunao brand artwork, visit:

Fantasy Strike joins SCR2017!


Fantasy Strike is a new fighter developed by Sirlin Games which puts emphasis on strategy, spacing, and decision making over execution. Standard fighting archetypes are included such as a zoner, grappler, brawler, and various interesting play styles which many players can enjoy. Check out the Fantasy Strike booth and enjoy casual matches and daily tournaments with fighting game fans at SoCal Regionals.
Fantasy Strike launches today on Steam Early Access for PC/Mac. For more information, visit

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday:

Daily Tournaments: 3PM

Square Enix presents DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT at SCR2017!


Square Enix joins the festivities at SoCal Regionals and is bringing the highly anticipated DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT for fans to enjoy at the event! FINAL FANTASY is one of most iconic role playing games in history and to see our favorite characters in a competitive 3 versus 3 combat arena is absolutely amazing. Rush your opponent down with Cloud, summon classic favorites such as Bahamut, or strategize team synergy and go for massive HP damage with your favorite FINAL FANTASY legend.


Sync up with fans and enjoy free to play casual matches. If your team is ready to take on the competitive scene, you can enter daily tournaments for cool prizes. That’s not all, we’re awarding top 2 teams on Friday and Saturday to take part in a special exhibition tournament on the main SCR stage! Grand prize winners will take home a DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Ultimate Collector’s Edition, an exclusive DISSIDIA battle tour winner t-shirt, and more!

Dissidia EVO2017

Enjoy free to play casual games, enter daily tournaments, win the Ultimate Collector’s Edition, an exclusive DISSIDIA battle tour winner t-shirt, and more at SoCal Regionals this September 22-24!


DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT is coming to the PlayStation 4 on January 30, 2018.

Pre-order now by visiting:



Doors Open: 11AM

Daily Tournaments: 2PM



Doors Open: 9AM

Daily Tournaments: 2PM

Special Exhibition: 8PM-10PM



Doors Open: 9AM

Daily Tournaments: 2PM


Capcom Pro Tour Premier Event

capcom-pro-tour-2016 logo


SoCal Regionals continues the good fight featuring some of the best Street Fighter V players in the world compete for Premier points and $15,000 cash bonus from the Capcom Pro Tour. Come fight the best and make your mark this year at SoCal Regionals!

For more information about the Capcom Pro Tour, visit:

Tekken World Tour Master Event

TK7 SCR2016 Pools

Get ready for the next battle as SCR brings out some of the world’s finest Tekken 7 players to compete for Master rank points and $10,000 from the Tekken World Tour. Will SoCal defend the house or will another challenger take the prize? Find out this September 22-24!

For more information about the Tekken World Tour, visit:

EVO supports $1,000 to the Pokken Tournament DX prize pool at SCR


We are excited to announce Pokken Tournament DX on the roster of games at SoCal Regionals this year! The community has shown nothing but positive feedback and gone as far as willing to help with set ups since the title releases on day 1 of SCR! That’s not all. Our friends at the Evolution Championship Series is supporting the Pokken community with a $1,000 prize bonus for finalists at SCR. Pokken Tournament DX will take place on September 23-24 at the Anaheim Convention Center. Good luck to all competitors and see you there!

If you can assist with a Pokken Tournament DX set up, please fill out the following form:

Dropkick Events Supports Tekken at SCR


Our friends at Dropkick Events are providing set ups for the Tekken community at SoCal Regionals!

“Dropkick Events has run weekly fighting game tournaments in Southern California since October of 2016. Their current weekly event is Dropkick Mondays at Power 9 in Long Beach, California, which provides a fun and friendly environment for players of all skill levels to grow through competitive and casual play. This weekly tournament will feature a ‘Road to SCR’ league for Street Fighter V and Tekken 7 leading up to SoCal Regionals (from August 14 through September 11), with the top two finishers in each game earning sponsorships to SCR! For complete event info and the latest news from Dropkick, follow them on Twitter and Facebook, and visit their website!”

Aksys Games Supports Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2, BlazBlue Central Fiction, and Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] at SCR2017!


Dogura SCR2016

Aksys Games is supporting the Anime community at SoCal Regionals this year with $2,500 in prize bonuses for Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2, BlazBlue Central Fiction, and Under Night In-Birth:Late[st]! Anime competitors will have a chance to compete for bragging rights and for a nice take home prize which will attract some of the finest players in the region. All Anime tournaments will start on September 23 and finals on September 24. Good luck to all competitors!

Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator 2: $1,000
Blazblue Central Fiction: $1,000
Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st]: $500

SCR Prize Pot Distribution
1st Place: 50%
2nd Place: 30%
3rd Place: 15%
4th Place: 5%

Aksys Games Prize Pot Distribution
1st Place: 50%
2nd Place: 30%
3rd Place: 15%
4th Place: 5%

Warner Bros. Games and Netherrealm Supports the Injustice 2 community with $10K at SCR2017!


Injustice 2 players in the west coast, we are excited to announce an additional $10,000 pot bonus for SoCal Regional 2017 finalists! Our friends at Warner Bros. Games and Netherrealm are continuing their support for the fighting game community which will bring some the finest competitors from around the world. For the fans at home, you can catch all the action on on September 23 for pool play and September 24 for finals!


stream banner 3

Our long time peripheral blacksmith, Vickomods will be at SoCal Regionals 2017! Make an appointment or check-in with Vickomods onsite for Dual-mods, LED, repair, customize, or purchase parts for your fightstick or gamepad this September 22-24 at his booth.

For more information about Vickomods, visit his site at:

R/KAPPA Sends Ryusei Carl and Jeondding to SCR2017!


We’re excited to have both @RYUSEI_CARL & @Jeondding_tk at #SCR2017! Shoutouts to Team #rKappa for supporting the FGC at SCR!

Body Count Fighting Presents the SoCal Regionals Afterparty

BCF Banner SCR Afterparty

Body Count Fighting is hosting the official SCR After Party on September 24 at eSports Arena! If you’re looking for more fighting game action after the tournament, we got you! Casual gaming, food, drinks, and some awesome exhibition matches will be taking place for everyone to enjoy. Check out the stream on at 10PM PST.

Start Time: 10PM PST

eSports Arena:

120 West 5th Street

Santa Ana, California 92683


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