Raptr’s 1st Evar Podcast! Featuring Street Fighter Legend Alex Valle

Rapt, a free social networking website and computer program targeted towards video game players, had their first podcast which featured Alex Valle as the guest!

Here’s the lowdown:

You guys demanded it, we delivered! The long awaited Raptr Podcast (official name still pending) has finally arrived.

You can now get to know some of the people behind the leading social platform for gamers as we talk about all the things happening at Raptr, including an inside look at new features we are launching. We’ll also tap into our Rolodex (does anyone even use a Rolodex anymore?) and invite interesting people in the gaming industry to chat it up with us, and share things that might catch your fancy.

In this week’s episode, we talked about the impact of our recent client and website improvements and the upcoming search feature we have planned for Raptr. We also had a chance to talk to Street Fighter legend Alex Valle about fighting games, the origins of combos, why he can pwn you in any fighting game, and his new venture that he’s getting off the ground (hint: it’s fighting games related.)

So what are you waiting for? Listen to the Raptr podcast now!

  • 0:29 – Shout out to Astro Gaming and why their headsets rock
  • 2:39 – Introduction to the cast
  • 6:20 – Pac-Man Championship Edition Challenge (Win prizes!)
  • 9:00 – Improvements to the Raptr client and website
  • 13:05 – A new, upcoming feature that makes searching easier
  • 19:06 – Interview with Street Fighter legend Alex Valle begins
  • 22:40 – The shocking origin of combos
  • 24:33 – Alex can pwn you in any fighting game
  • 31:04 – Why Alex will show you no mercy

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