Official SoCal Level|Up Tournament Press Release


Local group looks to Level|Up the Fighting Game Community

Level|Up, a new venture forged on the principles and style of the ‘old-school’ fighting game community, announced its first tournament today. Previously referred to as “Project Blocks,” the “SoCal Level|Up Tournament” is the debut event of the Level|Up group and is set to take place on February 27, 2010 at Dave & Buster’s at The Block at Orange.

In conjunction with sponsors such as Galaxy4Gamers, Mad Catz, and Triumvir, the much-anticipated event will be a 64-man Street Fighter 4 and Tekken 6 Tournament featuring top West Coast players competing for prizes and a bonus pot of $1000. The event will also serve as grounds for Galaxy4Gamers’ debut of Beat-The-Pro, an online service where gamers can play against a Pro player for cash prizes.

High quality, live tournament coverage will be available at and is brought to you by Level|Up’s media specialists AJ ‘PotatoHead’ Papa, Bryan ‘Cicada’ Gateb, and Frank ‘shinginh’ Reyes.

“For more than 12 years, I have acquired priceless experience and knowledge from all realms in the fighting game community,” said Jimmy ‘ShinJN’ Nguyen, Chief Operations Officer and Tournament Co-Director of Level|Up. “It’s about time I take this procured knowledge and focus it on something I have been a part of for so long. Through this first of many events to come, I hope to reinstate the overwhelming drive, passion, and motivation of the seasoned generation into the newer generation of fighting game players.”

“This event will be my debut as a tournament director,” said Alex ‘CaliPower’ Valle, Chief Executive Officer of Level|Up. “The fighting game community needs more than just a great player. With a talented and dedicated team, our goal to present the highest production value to the scene is what the community deserves.”

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SoCal Level|Up Tournament is sponsored by Galaxy4Gamers, MadCatz, Namco, Triumvir, Gamer Grub, Monster Energy, VitaminWater, Sour Punch Candy, Young and Reckless, and EBOOST Energy.

Tournament Details are available here.

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Namco-Bandai Games
Gamer Grub
Monster Energy
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Young and Reckless Clothing

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