Namco Bandai Games Presents: Tekken Hybrid, TTT2, and Soul Calibur V at SCR2011!

Namco Bandai Games is coming in strong to SoCal Regionals with amazing attractions for everyone to enjoy! First off, NBGA is showcasing Tekken Hybrid which is the ultimate collector’s package equipped with Tekken Tag Tournament HD, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue and Tekken Blood Vengeance 3D!

Next up, the community asked and we listened, NBGA is bringing the latest Tekken Tag Tournament 2 arcade build to SCR! There will be casual stations for all fighting game fans to try out the newest Tekken title which is making some noise worldwide. For all you hardcore players, we got you, in place of Tekken 6 we are now featuring a $1,000 TTT2 tournament sponsored by NBGA and powered by Level Up Your Game!

Last but definitely not least, NBGA has been working hard on getting fan service delivered this year and to top off their latest efforts they’re bringing a playable version of Soul Calibur V to SCR! This is amazing news for our region to get first hands-on experience with such an epic game! Make sure you stop by the Namco Bandai Games booth and take advantage of all the attractions from gaming, tournaments, and even merchandise from their Club Namco store!

“We are really excited to be at SCR to share TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT 2 and SoulCalibur V. The community has been waiting patiently for this opportunity and we feel that it’s time to give more power to the players”- Rich “FilthieRich” Bantegui

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Dec. 17-18, 2011

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