Another MWC 2010 Mad Catz TE Stick Giveaway!

Along with MarkMan, we here at MWC and level|up just love showing our viewers some love. Here is another chance to win a Tournament Edition joystick.

Here is what you need to do. Using any graphics program, create a drawing that contains the following:

  1. Faces of MarkMan and ShinJN
  2. Our faces on any two fighting game characters (not just Street Fighter)
  3. Contain a Tournament Edition Stick in the drawing
  4. And “Midwest Championships 2010” somewhere in the drawing

You don’t have to be an artist to win. Make your drawing original and funny. Once done, submit the drawing to

Entries will be cut off at 9pm Chicago, IL time.

Let’s see those drawings!

Here is a picture for references and chopping. Full version here:

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