Level|Up x Offcast for Weds Night Fights!

Level|Up has been keeping an eye not just for the latest talent in fighting games, but also up and coming broadcasters.  Louis ‘Offcast’ Vigil started streaming Legendary Lotus tournaments which featured some of Orange County’s finest players such as AndyOcr, Tatsu, Warahk, to name a few and is currently broadcasting the new Rival Schools events in UCI. With his experience on the rise, Level|Up is collaborating with Offcast to provide even more coverage of Weds Night Fights!

Offcast will stream the first 3 Weds Night Fights Ranking Card Tournaments on the http://www.justin.tv/offcast channel. Level|Up will stream the season finales on the home channel http://www.ustream.tv/leveluplive . Let’s give Louis a warm welcome as he will bring all the action from Weds Night Fights season openers! GET HYPE!

Weds Night Fights URL:


Season Programming:

Season 1:
Offcast: Feb.23, Mar.2

Level|Up: Feb. 16, Mar. 9

Season 2:

Offcast: Mar. 16, Mar. 23, Mar. 30,
Level|Up: Apr. 6

Season 3:

Offcast: Apr. 13, Apr.20, Apr.27,

Level|Up: May.4

Season 4:
Offcast: May.18, May.25, Jun.1

Level|Up: Jun.8

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