“Project Blocks” Details Revealed!

After weeks of teasing, confusion, fake leads and rumors, the details of Project Blocks have been released. See the following news release after the jump.


Local group looks to Level|Up the Fighting Game Community

Level|Up, a new venture forged on the principles and style of the ‘old-school’ fighting game community, announced its first tournament today. Previously referred to as “Project Blocks,” the “SoCal Level|Up Tournament” is the debut event of the Level|Up group and is set to take place on February 27, 2010 at Dave & Buster’s at The Block at Orange.

In conjunction with sponsors such as Galaxy4Gamers, Mad Catz, and Triumvir, the much-anticipated event will be a 64-man Street Fighter 4 and Tekken 6 Tournament featuring top West Coast players competing for prizes and a bonus pot of $1000. The event will also serve as grounds for Galaxy4Gamers’ debut of Beat-The-Pro, an online service where gamers can play against a Pro player for cash prizes.

High quality, live tournament coverage will be available at www.levelup-series.com and is brought to you by Level|Up’s media specialists AJ ‘PotatoHead’ Papa, Bryan ‘Cicada’ Gateb, and Frank ‘shinginh’ Reyes.

“For more than 12 years, I have acquired priceless experience and knowledge from all realms in the fighting game community,” said Jimmy ‘ShinJN’ Nguyen, Chief Operations Officer and Tournament Co-Director of Level|Up. “It’s about time I take this procured knowledge and focus it on something I have been a part of for so long. Through this first of many events to come, I hope to reinstate the overwhelming drive, passion, and motivation of the seasoned generation into the newer generation of fighting game players.”

“This event will be my debut as a tournament director,” said Alex ‘CaliPower’ Valle, Chief Executive Officer of Level|Up. “The fighting game community needs more than just a great player. With a talented and dedicated team, our goal to present the highest production value to the scene is what the community deserves.”

For more information about Level|Up, SoCal Level|Up Tournament, and other featured events, please visit www.levelup-series.com.

SoCal Level|Up Tournament is sponsored by Galaxy4Gamers, MadCatz, Namco, Triumvir, Gamer Grub, Monster Energy, VitaminWater, Sour Punch Candy, Young and Reckless, and EBOOST Energy.

Tournament Details are available here.

Sponsor Websites:
Namco-Bandai Games
Gamer Grub
Monster Energy
Sour Punch Candy
Young and Reckless Clothing

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