Level | Up To Stream Capcom Super Street Fighter IV Fight Club

If you haven’t already heard, Capcom, along with Sony, is throwing a Super Street Fighter IV Fight Club in Los Angeles tomorrow night to celebrate the upcoming release of the game. Can’t make it? Don’t fret because Level | Up Series is also teaming up with Capcom to provide the live broadcast stream. You can expect the same high quality broadcast as our tournament streams along with coverage of the event festivities.

Here are the details according to Seth Killian, Community Manager at Capcom:

For anyone that isn’t in LA, or just can’t make it, you can watch the action on the Capcom ustream page. Event starts at 8, but we may begin streaming anytime that day, and this is going to be one you do NOT want to miss.


Follow @levelupseries on twitter to receive updates on the instant we go live.

Make sure to tune in as Mark “MarkMan” Julio from MadCatz will be giving away Super Street Fighter IV Arcade TE “S” FightSticks to our viewers on air! Thank you MarkMan and MadCatz!

And as always James “JChensor” Chen has graciously signed on to provide commentary for the matches.

Did we also mention that Daigo “The Beast” Umehara will be in attendance along with the United States Champion Justin “Marvelous” Wong? It will be two rivals taking on each other for the first time in a new game. We’ll be sure to stream Daigo taking on the best that the United States has to offer!

Stream requirements:

The venue has a 1 Mbps upload which we plan on utilizing to it’s full capacity, so you will need at least 1 Mbps download for a smooth viewing experience. You will also need a computer that can handle Ustream which runs on Adobe Flash.

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