Level | Up Series at PAX Prime! Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Showcase

Level | Up Series will be teaming up with Twitch TV, NAMCO Bandai Games, and Mad Catz to bring you a TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2 showcase at PAX Prime in Seattle, WA September 1st, 2012 3PM PDT. We encourage all PAX Prime attendees whether you are brand new to the competitive fighting game scene, a casual gamer, or a veteran pro player to come join us at the Twitch TV booth on the show floor. If you have not already heard from our previous announcement, TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2 will be making it’s debut on Wednesday Night Fights: Arcade Edition seasons 4 – 6. What better way to build excitement, thanks to our friends at NAMCO Bandai,  than to showcase the game before it’s release! Join Level | Up’s own Alex “CaliPower” Valle, Richard “FilthieRich” Batengui of NAMCO Bandai  Games, and Mark “MarkMan23” Julio of Mad Catz as they  give you a glimpse of the game, the mechanics, and high-level play. Attendees will even have a chance to win a FightStick courtesy of  Mad Catz.

Can’t make it to PAX Prime? Don’t worry! We will be live streaming the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 showcase on Twitch TV. Viewers at home will also have a chance to win Mad Catz FightSticks! So tune in for a chance to win and to catch some exciting TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2 action. You wont want to miss it!

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