Let’s Play Diesel Legacy!


Join us for a night of games, shenanigans, and Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age playtest 2 this December 18, 2023! Some of SoCal’s veteran fighting game pros are hanging out to enjoy the latest games together and with the online community. Diesel Legacy is the newest game so everyone can learn together in Modus Games take on a 2v2 fighting game where four players can rush each other down on the same stage at the same time. Watch the shenanigans at 7pm Pacific Standard Time on https://twitch.tv/leveluplive

Enjoy Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age during their Public Playtest 2 now available on Steam for everyone to enjoy: bit.ly/PlayDieselLegacy

Let’s meet the players and show some love by following their Twitter below:


We all know Uncle Valle, over 30 years of championship fighting game experience and Level Up co-founder, who will open up his place and host a gathering of multi talented fighting game veterans to enjoy learning new fighters. 


AndyOCR joined the scene during the Street Fighter IV era and entered WNF events to hone his skills in various tournaments. He learned many more poplar titles including The King of Fighters series and Samurai Shodown (SamSho) which he qualified for the official SNK World Championships in 2020. Andy also hosted online tournaments for the SamSho scene while the pandemic caused challenging times for offline events. 


Dadpool is a veteran from Weds Night Fights events and is proficient in many fighters such as Dragon Ball FighterZ, Guilty Gear Strive, Multiversus, Granblue Versus Rising, and many more. He will be joining us to see how fast he can learn Diesel Legacy and rush everyone down. 


Gorro entered WNF Samurai Shodown tournaments with his relentless Yoshitora and consistently placing top 3 with AndyOCR and Valle. He also plays Guilty Gear Strive, DNF Duel, Street Fighter 6 and is pretty much interested in giving many new games a shot. 




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