Legendary Lotus x MvC3 Tournament!


Our friends at Legendary Lotus is holding their first Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournament!

Date:  Sat. May 7th, 2011

Location:  The Legendary Lotus – This venue has the same widescreen Asus monitor setup as the Evo Championship Series.

2775 North Orange Olive Road
Orange, CA 92865
Time:  2:00PM
Game Version:  US Playstation 3
Game Settings:  99 seconds, 2/3 Games, Default Damage, Default Handicap
Elimination:  Double
Bracket Seeding:  Random
Price:  $9 ($5 to cash pot and $4 to venue)
Payout:  70/20/10 Cash
Tournament Rules:  All EVO Championship Series rules apply.  If you are not familiar with these rules click here and thoroughly familiarize yourself with them.
Notes:  Bring your own fight stick or controller.  Standard PS3 controllers, Xbox controllers and respective adapters are available for use in limited supply.

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