Legendary Lotus Monthly $1K Tournaments!

Level|Up will be supporting Legendary Lotus, an Orange County trading card games venue, on their monthly $1K Super Street Fighter 4, Tekken 6, and Blazblue tournament Jan.23, 2011! This venue has tournament standard set ups, plenty of room for over 100+ players, and friendly staff to accommodate our gaming needs! Come check out and enjoy some GGs Socal!

SRK Tournament Post:


Check out their website for more details:

Legendary Lotus – http://www.thelegendarylotus.com/orange.html

“Our first and largest store is dedicated to trading card games (TCGs) and Ranbat tournaments. We aim to support our customers every need with our low prices and large selection including over 100,000 singles and sealed product for all major TCGs including Magic the Gathering, Yugioh!, and World of Warcraft (coming soon). We host weekly drop-in tournaments for all of our TCGs.

At over 2,100 square feet, we are able to comfortably accommodate 100+ tournament players with ease. Additionally, each month we will also host a premier event for each of our games with prizes up to $1,000.

With the lowest entry fees and largest prize support in the area, sign-up early to guarantee your spot (we will be adding the ability to sign-up online via our website soon).

In addition, we host Ranbats for Super Street Fighter 4, BlazBlue CS, and Tekken 6. Our standard Ranbat setup includes eight (8) 23″ Asus monitors with HD steaming and recording capability for online broadcasting. More setups are available as needed.

To ensure that our customers get the latest products as soon as possible, we offer pre-ordering of upcoming products via our website. Pre-orders can be picked up at any store on the day of release. There is no other store like it. Stop in today to become part of the legend!”

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