HORI Supports Hyper Drive!

HORI supports Hyper Drive!

HORI, the legendary peripheral makers for fighting games, is supporting Hyper Drive with prizes for winners of the tournament! If you’re looking for a hot deal on fight sticks, HORI is providing $10 off their line of Real Arcade Pro 4 KAI and $20 off their Fighting EDGE at http://bit.ly/2GBWnfr . Use Promo Code: HYPERDRIVEFE or HYPERDRIVEFE during Hyper Drive and save! Shoutouts to HORI for supporting the FGC at Hyper Drive!

Prize Distribution: (1st Place Prizes)

Samurai Shodown – PS4 Fighting Edge
The King of Fighters XIV – PS4 Fighting Edge
The King of Fighters XIII – PS4 RAP 4 KAI
The King of Fighters 2002 UM – PS4 RAP 4 KAI
Samurai Shodown V Special – PS4 RAP 4 KAI
Garou: Mark of the Wolves – PS4 Fighting Stick Mini 4
Magical Drop III – PS4 Fighting Commander Pro

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