Hawaii Suite 2024

Hawaii Suite 2024

We’re back to hit some buttons with the best in the world at the Hawaii Suite 2024! EVO is around the corner with record breaking participants and we’re here to keep the party going with after hour action throughout the week! 

Kicking things off we want to welcome back Razer for supporting the Hawaii Suite 2024 with their quality laptops to enjoy fighting games at optimal performance. Razer’s laptops powered up the Hawaii Suite with some of the best matches we’ve seen at the time and we’re excited to run it back with our good friends this year!

For more information about the Razer laptops, please visit: https://www.razer.com/pc/gaming-laptops

3v3 High Roller Street Fighter 6 Season 2 Tournament

Our High Roller tournament makes a return at the Hawaii Suite featuring Street Fighter VI Season 2! We want to extend a shoutout to all teams showing us the highest level of Street Fighter 6 the world has seen in Hawaii Suite 2023 with Team Bandits (MenaRD, Caba, and Chris Tatarian) taking the top spot. This year, we’re making some adjustments to the format to compliment tournament run time. 


  • $300 per team (Full amount must be received to RSVP your team)
  • Capped at 8 teams (32 players total)
  • Alex Valle will take registration via social media DMs with trusted/known competitors 




  • Friday July 19, 2024 at 10PM PT 


PC / 144hz monitor

Rules & Format:

  • Single Elimination
  • Random Seeding by Team Captain Drawing
  • Pokemon
  • 2/3 per player match (Final team member loses a match, that team will go to losers bracket. No team runback)
  • No character lock
  • Winner of Game 1 must remain with the same character in Game 2
  • Loser of Game 1 can switch characters
  • All characters and stages are allowed
  • CPT controller rules are in effect: SOCD, macros, or any suspicious peripheral is prohibited

Update 7/15/2024

Hawaii Suite 2024 x Diesel Legacy Gameplay Showcase!

Hawaii Suite welcomes Maximum Entertainment’s upcoming title Diesel Legacy for a gameplay showcase featuring pro player exhibitions and hands-on with their new character entering the ring! Join us this Thursday July 18 at 10PM Pacific Time for some high level gameplay, crazy antics, and first look at their newest fighter! 

For more information about Diesel Legacy, visit:




Update 7/15/2024

Zenni Gaming joins Hawaii Suite 2024!

We’re partnering with Zenni Gaming at the Hawaii Suite this year bringing quality eyewear to the fight! Our friends are supporting goodie bags for our exhibition winners and lucky attendees throughout the weekend! If you’re gaming long hours like we are, blue light protective eye wear from Zenni will help reduce stress from digital devices such as cellphones, monitors, and other displays.  

Use code: “HAWAII50” for 20% OFF your Zenni eyewear purchase!

Check out the latest from Zenni eyewear here: zennigaming.sjv.io/levelupseries



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