Hawaii Suite 2023

Aloha! Level Up returns to the Hawaii Suite at EVO in 2023 and we’re gearing up for more afterhour fighting game action just like previous years! This will be the inaugural year for Street Fighter 6 so you already know we have a crazy lineup of festivities in the works. The Hawaii Suite is a private suite hosted by the Hawaii FGC and we’re happy to partner with them to showcase their guests in a series of exhibitions, tournaments, and more during EVO week. Stay tuned for the event lineup streamed on our twitch.tv/leveluplive channel during the week of August 3-6, 2023!

In addition to the special event showcases, we are teaming up with our good friends from Razer which is supporting the Hawaii Suite with their latest generation Razer laptops! Invited guests can enjoy fighting games on optimal gameplay stations provided by Razer during EVO week!

For more information about the Razer laptops, please visit: https://www.razer.com/pc/gaming-laptops

Speaking of optimal, Razer is stepping into the ring with their new all-button controller called the Razer Kitsune. Their all-button optical arcade controller will be available for the PS5 and PC soon so players have even more options to enjoy fighting games with their preferred peripherals. Hawaii Suite guests will have a chance to play on them and share their thoughts on Razer’s latest controller for the FGC!

For more information about the Razer Kitsune, please visit: https://www.razer.com/console-controllers/razer-kitsune

UPDATE: 3v3 High Roller Street Fighter 6 Tournament

We’re excited to showcase world-class competition at the Hawaii Suite with a 3v3 High Roller Street Fighter 6 tournament this Friday Aug. 4, 2023 at 10PM PT (Or after EVO pools are finished). Registration per team is $300 and the prize is WINNER TAKES ALL so you know we’ll see the highest level Street Fighter 6 has to offer in an afterhour event. Let’s meet the 8 teams which will be competing this Friday at the Hawaii Suite:

In no particular order and not seeded. There will be a random draw for seeding the day of the event:

  1. Sonicfox, Nuckledu, Punk
  2. Fchamp, HelloKittyRicki, Careka
  3. KUDO, Kakeru, Hikaru
  4. ChrisCCH, Filipinoman, Flaquito
  5. NoahtheProdigy, Og_killakam, Reynald
  6. Valmaster, Akainu, Kilzyou
  7. Mr. Ice, Wolfgang, JayTheAce
  8. MenaRD, Caba, Chris T

Rules & Format:

  • Double Elimination
  • Pokemon
  • 2/3 per player match (Final team member loses a match, that team will go to losers bracket. No team runback)
  • No character lock
  • Winner of Game 1 must remain with the same character in Game 2
  • Loser of Game 1 can switch characters
  • All characters are allowed

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