Level Up and Team Spooky

Both organizations do phenomenal work when it comes to streaming. Streaming is an art that is way underappreciated. Countless and unseen hours are dedicated behind the scenes to provide an end product that is enjoyed by many.

The amount of passion and emotion every streamer has is limitless. It’s these traits that drive us to do what we do, but sometimes results in unproductive comments.

I will admit that the comments made by myself and my staff were unproductive and came as a result of the jabs taken at us over time. The comments about us made this past weekend left many speechless. We have already acknowledged and owned up to a mistake that was out of our control. There’s no need to dwell on the past, only learn from it. We certainly have and moved forward, continuing to do what we need to do for the community. We hope others can do the same.

Flame wars benefit no one in the end. It only brings unwanted attention that can be detrimental to achieving a goal or the progression of an end goal.

On behalf of level|up, I would like to personally apologize to Team Spooky and their fans. Friendly competition without the negativity is always welcomed. Together, all streamers can help give this community what it deserves; a spotlight amongst all other e-sports.

Regarding who is streaming EVO, nothing has been announced. Regardless of which organization has the honor of streaming EVO, I will congratulate and shake their hand. There are many qualified to do EVO and everyone deserves to be in the spotlight.


Jimmy Nguyen

Chief of Operations

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