“The Specialists” Event Series

Brief History:
2009 was a time of discovery for Southern California’s Street Fighter 4 talent. Some did well but most were checked into reality by many defeats. The pride and soul of the West Coast legacy was wearing thin as it seemed many top players have grown complacent on their performance. The scene desperately needed guidance for there was a lot of talent reaching a point of no return.

On October 2009, Street Fighter Legend Alex “CaliPower” Valle and the House of Cicada’s Bryan Gateb established **The Specialists**. Alex called upon Southern California’s elite to practice in various sessions that would last through the night. Alex believes constant exposure to high level play will give direction and confidence to overcome player plateau. With the success of Specialists I and II, the Southern California elites have grown stronger and wiser in their journey to become the nation’s best competitors.

Brief Summary:
“The Specialists” is a special event where Southern California’s elite gather for various hours of Street Fighter 4 sessions. With the guidance of Alex “CaliPower” Valle and the High Definition Live Stream Broadcast by the House of Cicada media producer, Frank Reyes, the purpose is to expose the community at-large to constant high-level competition while teaching the country as well as receive input via the live stream @ http://www.ustream.tv/channel/leveluplive

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