DISSIDIA Master Series at Weds Night Fights

DISSIDIA Master Series at WNF


We’re excited to announce our partnership with Square Enix to bring fans DISSIDIA Master Series. DISSIDIA Master Series is a monthly DISSIDIA Final Fantasy NT tournament at WNF starting this March 14 through June 13. Each tournament will feature unique prizes brought to you by our friends at Square Enix and champions of the monthly series will have their team names engraved in a one of a kind DISSIDIA Master Series trophy! The trophy will be a centerpiece at WNF featuring teams that rush down the competition every month at Esports Arena Santa Ana.

Our Weds Night Fights broadcast starts at 9PM PST on https://twitch.tv/leveluplive with various popular fighting games. Make sure to catch DISSIDIA Master Series finals when top 3 is ready to be showcased later in the evening. All tournament titles are running concurrently so follow our Twitter at https://twitter.com/levelupseries for live tournament updates and results.

For more information about Weds Night Fights tournament titles, visit: http://www.levelup-series.com/weds-night-fights-2018-tournament-season/ 



Square Enix March Prize: (Each month will have mystery prizing for 1st. Stay tuned for the next one!)

1st Terra Brandford Figure by Play Arts + 60% prize pool (All team members will receive the Squall Figure)

2nd Premium Final Fantasy digital codes + 40% prize pool

3rd DISSIDIA Final Fantasy NT Season Pass digital codes

Registration: *Link will be available the week of each tournament

March 14
April 11
May 9
June 13

8 Team Cap
Double Elimination
Best 2 out of 3 games bracket play
Best 3 out of 5 games for Winners Finals, Losers Finals, Grand Finals

Tournament Entry
$10 Venue
$5 per team member ($15 per team)

Esports Arena
120 West 5th Street Santa Ana, California 92683


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