– Crossroads: The Battle of Central Cali – SSF4 Tournament!

Crossroads: The Battle of Central Cali

FocusAttacks, a new gaming venue dedicated to serve the Central Cali scene, will be providing Xbox/PS3’s latest fighting game titles and ASUS VH236H monitors to play on!

On January 29, FocusAttacks will kick off their grand opening with a SSF4 tournament!

This is no ordinary local tournament, heavy hitters from NorCal/SoCal will be in attendance to stir up some competition and Level Up is covering all the action by providing live stream support!

Mad Catz, an industry leader in manufacturing, distributing, and marketing innovative controllers/peripherals is sponsoring the Crossroads event with some cool prizes for winners!

*Due to limited venue space, the tournament will be capped at 64 players.
You MUST RSVP your attendance before the Cap or you cannot enter the tournament!
To RSVP, simply post your handle,region(Norcal/SoCal/Centra/AZ/etc)

Tournament Details:
64man RSVP
Prelims 2/3 Rounds 2/3 Set
Grand Finals 2/3 Rounds 3/5 Set
Double Elimination
SSF4 – Xbox 360 / PS3
BYOC (Please Bring your own stick. FocusAttacks is not responsible for providing sticks/pads)

Special Event:
Community Choice – (Open to suggestions)
NorCal vs SoCal 5v5
NorCal vs Central vs SoCal Round Robin

Prize Distribution:
Top 8: 60% – 20% – 10% – 4% – 2% – 2% – 1% – 1%
Bonus Pot: $500 (Split will be the same as Top 8 Pay out)
Mad Catz Prizes (To be announced)

Registration Fees:
Venue Fee: $5
Buy In: $10


Tournament Organizer:

Stream Producer:
Frank Reyes

Stream URL


Jan. 29, 2010


6368 Figarden Dr.
Fresno, CA. 93722

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