Blazblue:CS Version 1.03 Loketest at WNF!

From dustloop:

AksysGames wrote:

“Greetings BlazBlue enthusiasts! We’re proud to announce that we will be having loketests for Version 1.03 from now until release!

Confirmed loketests:

Date: April 27th, Wenesday Night
Time: 7:30PM~Venue Closes (12:00AM or later)
Location: The Proud Bird – (Grand Ballroom, 11022 Aviation Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90045)
Venue: $6
What to do: Just show up, pay the venue, and (preferably) bring a ps3 stick! We’ll be there playing the entire time until the venue closes, so come down and get in a few games!

And that’s probably it for the time being.”

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