Blade Strangers x WNF Summer Tournaments Presented by Nicalis

Blade Strangers x WNF Tournaments Presented by Nicalis

Nicalis is back at Weds Night Fights with more Blade Strangers action! This time, our friends are presenting two tournaments this Summer with awesome prizes for finalists. Our first tournament will take place on June 27 and the next one will be on July 25. There will be demo stations and tournament stations available during both visits so you can get your hands on Blade Strangers before the game is released. The finals will be featured on our main Twitch channel so everyone can see early competitive play from some of our notable WNF players.

1st $500 + Nintendo Switch + Nicalis games / Nicalis swag
2nd $250 + Nicalis games / Nicalis swag
3rd $100 + Nicalis games / Nicalis swag

June 27
July 25

Finals Stream:

7PM Casuals
9PM Tournament

eSports Arena – Orange County
120 West 5th Street
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Registration: (The week of each event only)

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