ARMS Weekly Tournament at Weds Night Fights!

ARMS Weekly Tournament at Weds Night Fights!

ARMS Returns to WNF

ARMS returns to Weds Night Fights starting on November 8 at eSports Arena! We are doing things a bit differently this time which could not have been achieved before. First up, we’re featuring dedicated ARMS casual and tournament stations equipped with docks, joy cons, and pro controllers. If you are new to ARMS and wanted to try the game out with fellow WNF players, you are more than welcome to! Competitors also don’t have to worry about bringing their entire Switch set up anymore, we got you! Next up, we’re adding ARMS to the official WNF Seasonal line up where finalists will earn cool prizes from our sponsors. Sponsored prizes will be announced very soon and we’re excited to grow the ARMS community in SoCal. Check out the stream on every Weds when ARMS reaches finals. WNF tournaments start at 9:30PM PST and finals are showcased on stream when top 3 is reached in the event.


eSports Arena

120 West 5th Street

Santa Ana, California 92683


We are following the 2GGP ruleset for ARMS at WNF


Casuals by 7PM

Tournament by 9:30PM

Finals stream when top 3 is reached on


Competitor Pass: $10

ARMS Tournament Buy In: $5 (100% of the Tournament Buy In is distributed to the prize pool. 1st 60% 2nd 30% 3rd 10%)

Weekly registration link updates every Monday. RSVP your online registration to secure your spot and pay onsite.

ARMS Central Discord:

Want to join the ARMS community? Visit our friends at ARMS Central and find out the latest news on competitive ARMS!



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