Arcana Heart 3 Twitter Contest Winners!

Thanks for everybody’s support of our special Arcana Heart 3 segment at WNF! The winners of the Twitter contest are:

1. @bloodyroarxx Hey! @aksysgames I gotta fever and the only cure is more Arcana Heart 3! #WNF

2. @W3G_Glake OMG Q_Q #WNF venues internet is down. I was looking forward to seeing @aksysgames Arcana Heart 3 tourney. Needs a copy since PSN is down..

3. @cafeatmidnight Would love the download for Arcana Heart 3 by @aksysgames. Trying to build the fighting game scene here! #WNF

4. @andrew_kim @aksysgames I played my friend’s copy of Arcana Heart 3 and I really want the game. Hope I get it! #WNF

Congrats to winners! We’ll send you a DM for prize distribution!




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