Aksys Games Presents Blazblue: CS2 $1,000 at SCR + Extend!

Aksys Games returns to SoCal Regionals and is running it back this year with a $1,000 tournament for BB:CS2 finalists! James Xie will be hosting the event at the Aksys booth where you’ll find the latest games and attractions from the SoCal publisher. Speaking of latest games, Aksys is bringing the latest version of Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend for all you BB fans to try out! Aksys will also provide a dedicated BB: Extend casual stream at their booth on Saturday Dec. 17! Come visit the Aksys booth or watch the streams for a Blazblue filled weekend you won’t want to miss!

Watch the stream exclusive BB:CS Extend stream here:


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SCR Date:

Dec. 17-18, 2011

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