WNF/TRB Seasons 4-6, SCR Update

WNF/TRB Seasons 4-6

Summer is ending and we’re ready to kickoff WNF/TRB Seasons 4-6 with more games and a new lineup!

Weds Night Fights: Season 4 begins Sep.5

Tekken Tag Tournament 2*, Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown, Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012

The Runback: Season 4 begins Sept.6

Persona 4 Arena*, King of Fighters XIII, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

*Since TTT2 is released on Sept. 11, P4A will be featured on WNF  for the last time this year during Season 4 kickoff week of Sep. 5

There will be more announcements for our overall point system so stay tuned!

Stream URL:



Super Arcade

1211 N. Grand Ave.

Walnut, CA 91789


 SCR Update

Due to numerous events we’re executing, collaborating, and consulting in 2012 we’re postponing SCR to early 2013. We apologize for the pushback but we’re making all efforts to create the highest quality event the SoCal fighting game community deserves. With that said, we’re proud to announce SCR will now be a 3 day event on January 18-20, 2013 (MLK weekend) and we’re running it back at UCI! Be sure to watch  Seasons 4-6 of WNF/TRB for more updates on SoCal’s premier fighting game event.


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