Wednesday Night Fights 2015 Tournament Season

Weds Night Fights 2015 Tournament Season


After 3 successful online edition seasons, we have showcased new talents in Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, and Killer Instinct communities. The online platform is an integral part of community growth which helps in discovering new strategies, match ups, and new regions. We want to say thank you to all that have participated in the Online Edition of WNF and hope everyone keeps practicing for the next major event! Are we done with WNF Online? We are taking a break from the WNF online platform and planning new opportunities for 2016. Stay tuned!

Moving forward, we are excited to formally announce Weds Night Fights returning to the live experience this Fall Season at eSports Arena! We have been working extremely hard in parallel to our Online, Prelude, and SCR events to plan the next chapter for WNF and it’s finally coming this October 21! Let’s get to it!

We are taking Weds Night Fights back to it’s roots by only focusing on Wednesday as the main night to host fighting game competition. Not only that, we are inviting the ENTIRE fighting game community and favorite titles to the event. Any era of fighting games from the 90’s to modern titles, we will have space for any game the community wishes support. The action doesn’t stop there. We are also introducing an inclusive community building program which will help achieve your goals in growing your scene, promoting your brand, and streaming opportunities.

Bring Your Own Console (BYOC)

One of the core features of Weds Night Fights is having dedicated BYOC sections throughout eSports Arena. We feel having a BYOC at all times increases the amount of play time for tournament players and to introduce new players to the scene. We have 2 levels of BYOC space throughout the venue so first come, first serve to set up shop with your favorite titles! (Please Note: We have limited supplies of consoles since many are used for WNF tournaments.)

Community Building at WNF

Many community members join events and eventually are interested in starting a scene on their own. Finding affordable venue space with adequate power, internet, tables, and chairs however can be extremely overwhelming for anybody including us! (SCR venue hunting!). We understand the hardships and want to offer you an opportunity to grow the scene the right way. We want to work with passionate members of the community to be ambassadors of your favorite titles. If you are interested in community building, we will provide you/your organization a road map on how to promote, run tournaments, acquire set ups, and stream on your own channel at WNF! Your event will be promoted throughout our social mediums every week and your stream channel will be part of our Level Up Team Member’s page on Twitch! All YouTube replays from your archives will also remain on your channel! If you are interested, please send us an email at

Level Up Twitch Team Members: – Main Stream – Ultra Street Fighter IV / Mortal Kombat – 2GG – Smash 4 / Melee – Jyosua / Tloc – Guilty Gear Xrd, Blazblue CPEX, UNIEL, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Weds Night Fights Fall Tournament Season

Fall Season begins October 21 at eSports Arena featuring the most popular fighting game titles all the way through December 16. We will have Main and Community driven events running concurrently at WNF. What’s the difference between Main and Community driven events? Main events are tournaments we are hosting with our current affiliates which will have sponsored prizing at the end of the Season. Community events are BYOC and start up community building effort tournaments. Community driven tournaments can have the standard buy in or $1 dollar tournaments, high roller, or even free to enter. The choice is up to the community to decide what works best!

Main Event Games

Ultra Street Fighter IV – PC (New Alienware Alpha)

Mortal Kombat X – PS4

Smash 4 – Wii U

Melee – Gamecube

Community Driven 

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 – Xbox360

Killer Instinct – XboxOne

Guilty Gear Xrd – PS3

Blazblue Chrono Phantasma Extend – PS3

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax – PS3


Gamelist for BYOC (Limited consoles available!)

Ultra Street Fighter IV – PC / Xbox360

Mortal Kombat X – PS4

Smash 4 – Wii U

Melee – Gamecube

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 – Xbox360

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 – PS3

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax – PS3

Guilty Gear Xrd – PS3


Divekick – PS3

(If you want your title to be featured, feel free to let us know your community building plan so we can work with you! Reach out to us at

Rules: We are using the SCR2015 ruleset for all Main and Community Driven tournaments –

Weds Night Fights Fall Season – Road to Final Round 2016!


We’re excited to send our overall WNF Ultra Street Fighter IV champion to Final Round 2016! The highest point scorer on Dec. 16 wins the trip to Atlanta, Georgia to compete in the hypest tournament on Earth!

Season Prizes

Special season prizes from our sponsors will be awarded to finalists which includes Fight sticks from Arcade shock, apparel from Splitframe, Cloud II Headsets from HyperX, WNF shirts and more! Stay tuned for prize distribution breakdown!

Season Points Breakdown

1st 50 2nd 30 3rd 10 4th 5 5th 2 5th 2 7th 1 7th 1

Buy-in Prize Distribution

1st 60% 2nd 30% 3rd 10%

Weds Night Fights Competitor Pass: $10

Weds Night Fights competitor pass will give you access to main, community driven, and BYOC!

Main Game / Community Driven Buy-in: $5 (100% of the buy-in goes toward the prize distribution)

Spectator Pass

Spectating or just watching the action live is absolutely FREE!

eSports Arena Monthly Membership: $13 (For frequent competitors, this SAVES YOU MONEY and COMPLETELY OPTIONAL!)

If you purchase an eSports Arena membership, check out the following perks:

  • Discounts and Special Offers (50% off Weds Night Fights competitor pass all month long!)
  • Access to the Arena (Full access to Level Up FGC section and PCs for other genres of competitive gaming.)
  • Early Access to Events
  • Member Only Events

Dedicated Fighting Game Community Section provided by Level Up


If you are coming to practice on multiple days or meet up with friends for casuals, you can utilize the facility any day of the week with your membership or daily pass! As long as the facility isn’t fully booked by a private event, we are providing games to rushdown the competition!


Parking in downtown Santa Ana is FREE AFTER 8PM. The meters have new signs which say after 10PM but will not go in effect until January 2016. There are other alternatives such as nearby parking structures located here –

Hours of Operation

Tournament Start Time: 9:30PM – 1AM

Casuals can start from 12PM – 1Am on Weds or 12PM – 12AM daily with a membership!

eSports Arena –


120 West 5th Street Santa Ana, California 92701

eSports Arena is North America’s first dedicated eSports facility. The Arena is a 15,000 square foot facility and located in downtown Orange County, California.
eSports Arena’s unique modular facility allows for small to large scale highly produced eSports and entertainment events. eSports Arena will also host daily video game competition, produce unique digital content, and rent space/equipment to the eSports/interactive entertainment industry at a fraction of the cost of traditional venues.




Summer is well underway and we’re bringing the heat this season by adding Killer Instinct(KI) to the Weds Night Fights(WNF) lineup! KI has arguably the finest netplay to date and amazing players in North America which hone their skills on both online and offline events. We’re excited to finally bring KI to WNF as it will showcase high quality matches with a full roster of characters now available to all competitors. Overall finalists will win sponsored prizes and Killer bragging rights at the end of the season. Summer Season Episode 3.1 sign ups kick off Aug. 3, WNF qualifiers on Aug. 4, and finals stream showcase on Aug. 5 only on .

We are also proud to announce our partnership with Modify Watches! They are providing an amazing Weds Night Fights custom made watch to the Killer Instinct Grand Champion! Modify Watches is a cool startup from San Francisco that creates custom-print, hand-assembled watches. Check out their website at to find a colorful design from your favorite artist, sports team, non-profit, or even our brand new collection of Weds Night Fights / SoCal Regionals watches! Use Coupon Code: “LEVELUP” and save 20% on your next purchase! Level Up collaborator’s page coming soon at .


The Road to The Fall Classic 2015! Mid Season Ultra Street Fighter IV Overall Points Finalist by 8/26/2015!


Weds Night Fights – Killer Instinct Qualifiers


Just like Ultra Street Fighter IV and Mortal Kombat X, sign ups starts every Monday and qualifiers every Tuesday at 6PM PST. Top 8 players will be showcased every Weds during the main event! For more information about the sign up process please read our tournament process guide.

*Note: There will be a minimum of 2Mbps upload speed to enter! Players must link their bandwidth results in the discussion section of the corresponding WNF challonge link.


Best 2 out of 3 rounds

Best 2 out of 3 games

Double elimination

99 second rounds

Winner of each game must remain with the same character, loser can switch

All characters allowed



Weds Night Fights Spring Season is here and we’re absolutely excited to announce Mortal Kombat X is added to the Season lineup! We are bringing players together to compete in one of the most intense fighting games in history on PlayStation 4! Competitors will battle for a chance to win some of our amazing sponsored prizes and ultimate bragging rights all season long! For our dedicated Ultra Street Fighter IV players, we announced the Season 2 Grand Prize will win a trip to the largest fighting game tournament on the planet, Evolution Championship series! Weds Night Fights Spring Season hits home on May 6 at 6PM PST only on

Weds Night Fights Qualifiers – Mortal Kombat X


Just like Ultra Street Fighter IV qualifiers, Mortal Kombat X sign ups starts every Monday and qualifiers every Tuesday at 6PM PST. Top 4 players will be showcased every Weds during the main event! For more information about the sign up process please read our tournament process guide.

MKX Lobby Instructions: (Make sure you sign up as your PSN Gamer ID in challonge so your opponent and admins can find you!)

*Note: There will be a minimum of 2Mbps upload speed to enter! Players must link their bandwidth results in the discussion section of the corresponding WNF challonge link.

1. Go online and select ‘ROOMS’

2. Look for room ‘WNF’

3. Look for your opponent in the lobby and challenge them to a private match. (Doesn’t matter who initiates the invitation.)

4. OPTIONAL: Manually search your opponent’s Gamer ID and start your own private match in versus. This method may take more time than the lobby because you have to search/add every entry.


Best 2 out of 3 rounds

Best 2 out of 3 games

Double elimination

99 second rounds

Winner of each game must remain with the same character, loser can switch

Variation must remain on winners side, loser can switch

All DLC is allowed


 Ultra Street Fighter IV 

title_wnfONLINE_new sponsors

Wednesday Night Fights (WNF), Southern California’s premier weekly fighting game event, celebrates five years of quality competition, insightful commentary, and amazing fighting game personalities. From garages to amusement centers, WNF is the most successful event in finding talented players in SoCal and preparing them for the largest tournaments in the country. But what about everyone else? Since participation is limited to a region, many challengers are on the sidelines without a chance to compete… until now. Introducing Wednesday Night Fights: Online Edition.

WNF returns in 2015 with a brand new Season of Street Fighter tournaments streamed every Weds starting Feb. 18. The next generation of WNF players will now get an opportunity to compete vs Canada, USA, and Mexico for prizes, true regional skill standings, and a FREE flight to SoCal Regionals 2015! Taking the fight to a platform that is accessible and predominantly used for competitive gaming, we’re also excited to announce the WNF platform of choice is Steam(PC)! We’re bringing the fight to your doorstep in 2015 with more challengers than ever before! How much does this cost to enter? Weds Night Fights Online Edition is absolutely FREE TO ENTER! Are you ready!?

Visit our Weds Night Fights social media pages and stay connected to other warriors!

Facebook –

Steam –

Level Up Online Tournament Process Guide


New to online tournaments? No problem! Check out how to find, register, and compete in Weds Night Fights and other Level Up online events by reviewing our Tournament Process Guide.

*Note: There will be a minimum of 2Mbps upload speed to enter! Players must link their bandwidth results on their Steam profiles to be eligible to enter!

WNF Qualifiers – Ultra Street Fighter IV


Since participation is expected to reach overwhelming capacity, we’re hosting a qualifier every Tuesday at 6PM PST starting Feb. 17. Players will compete vs opponents from across the North American region to qualify top 16 for the main Weds Night Fights event. Exposure will be in the hands of the competitors during qualifiers so it is encouraged for players to stream their own matches or collaborate with other streamers. An amazing opportunity to promote more player streams in a globally recognized fighting game event!

Weds Night Fights Qualifier Template
We encourage players to stream / record their WNF Qualifer matches to build great story lines and exposure this tournament season.

Feel free to use our WNF Qualifier template on your streams if you’re starting out or in addition to your amazing graphics.

Please Note: The template is completely optional. If you wish to use your own graphics, that’s perfectly fine.

Instructions: (There are 2 images attached below. One image is an example of how it looks like in game and the other is the stand alone template image.)
1. Click the stand alone template image
2. Right click qualifier template and save image as.. (Save to whichever folder is convenient)
3. Select the qualifier template and add image to your desired broadcast software (Xsplit, OBS, etc.)
4. Adjust size and finish!



qualifier template_wnf_Online2


Best 2 out of 3 rounds

Best 2 out of 3 games

Double elimination

99 second rounds

Winner of each game must remain with the same character, loser can switch

WNF Main Event


After the beatdowns settle from Tuesday’s qualifier, the top 16 remaining fighters will compete in the Weds Night Fights main event at 6PM PST. The entire showcase will be streamed on our Twitch channel with special guest commentary and new features for the fans to enjoy. Winter Season kicks off this Feb. 18 so don’t miss out on the action!



Best 2 out of 3 rounds

Best 2 out of 3 games

Best 3 out of 5 games during Winners, Losers, and Grand Finals

Double elimination

99 second rounds

Winner of each game must remain with the same character, loser can switch

Winter Season – The Road to SoCal Regionals 2015


WNF has a tradition of finding the best players in Southern California and preparing them for tournaments across country. With WNF Online Edition, we’re extending our reach to find the best fighters in many more regions for an opportunity to travel to our hometown event! The overall Winter Season champion will win a FREE trip to SoCal Regionals this May 1-3 2015! All this action and  only the first Season! Who knows what we’re up to next?

Spring Season – The Road to Evolution Championship Series 2015!


Summer Season – The Road to The Fall Classic 2015! 


 Tournament Season Schedule:

Winter – 2/18, 2/25, 3/4, 3/11, 3/18, 3/25, 4/1, 4/18 – SoCal Regionals 2015 (COMPLETED) Brenttiscool is our Winter Champion!

Spring – 5/6, 5/13, 5/20, 5/27, 6/3, 6/10, 6/17, 6/24 – Evolution Championship Series 2015 (COMPLETED) Damdai aka JCVD is our Spring Champion!

Summer – 8/5, 8/12, 8/19, 8/26, 9/2, 9/9, 9/16, 9/23 – The Fall Classic 2015 USF4 (COMPLETED) Brenttiscool is our Summer Champion!

Fall – 10/21, 10/28, 11/4, 11/11, 11/18, 11/25, 12/9, 12/16 – Final Round 2016 – (COMPLETED) Chris Tatarian is our Fall Season Champion! 

HyperX Cloud II – The Official Headset of WNF


We’re proud to announce HyperX is an official sponsor of Weds Night Fights 2015! Known for industry leading Memory, SSD, USB Drives, and peripherals, our good friends are bringing their latest product to the fighting game scene, introducing the HyperX Cloud II Headset! The Cloud II Headset combines quality, comfort, and compatibility to enhance your gaming experience for competition. Gearing up the fighting game community, HyperX is providing our overall WNF season champions AND creative stream viewers a chance to win these amazing headsets! Shout outs to HyperX for supporting our community!

Check out what our friends at HyperX have in store this tournament season!

 ESEA_Amazon_CLOUD_II_320x320 ESEA_Amazon_FURY_MOUSEPAD_320x320 ESEA_Amazon_FURY_USB_320x320

HyperX – WNF Twitter Contest!

We’re giving away 2 Cloud II headsets every Season to our awesome WNF viewers! The most creative Tweet/picture of you watching a LIVE WNF episode will earn a spot in for the preliminary round. At the end of each Season, the top 2 most voted Tweets from our viewers will win the headsets! We’ll showcase fan favorite submissions throughout every episode so everyone can enjoy! Check out the rules/eligibility below for your chance to join in on the fun:



  1. Must follow and tweet @HyperX @levelupseries

  2. Use hashtag #WNF

  3. Link a ‘creative’ picture of how you watch WNF! (Amazing and appropriate only please! Also only Twitter pics will be showcased!)

  4. Example: “Watching @hyperX @levelupseries tonight and I want to Shoryuken Blanka so bad for beating me online! #WNF”


  1. Must reside in USA, Canada, Mexico only!

  2. 2 winners per Season only!

  3. Cannot win more than 1 time!




In 2014, WNF has introduced a new platform to play competitive Street Fighter. Continuing the good fight in 2015, we’re honored to have Alienware return as an official sponsor of Weds Night Fights! WNF events are powered by Alienware all season long so expect great games and hosting to our marquee top 16 matches!




Watching WNF in the world’s leading video platform and gaming community is the best way to catch all the action. Twitch is the place to watch the most exciting fighting game events in world and we’re growing together every year! Don’t miss an episode by following our Twitch channel or experience cool chat features and more by subscribing!



ASlogoWHITEPLAIN       SFrame

The community supports it’s own when it comes to equipping WNF players with the necessary gear for battle. Arcade Shock, QANBA, and SPLITFRAME returns as our official community supporters for Weds Night Fights! Our amazing partners are providing just about all fighting game gear, quality arcade sticks, fightstick bags, apparel, and much more for our overall season finalists and lucky stream viewers! Make sure to catch the stream for the latest deals to equip yourself for the next event!




About Alex Valle

Alex Valle is a key figure in the fighting game community and has been a top player since 1995. With both player and community experience, he provides the cohesion element that is needed to bring existing communities together and form new ones.