SoCal Regionals 2013!

SoCal Regionals 2013


After a little break in 2012, SoCal Regionals returns bigger and better for the fighting game community in 2013! We’re excited to announce our return to Irvine in collaboration with the Fighting Gamers @ UCI for 3 full days of fighting games action!

Fighting Gamers @ UCI 
“FightingGamers@UCI (FG@UCI) is a student organization on the campus of the University of California, Irvine (UCI) for people who have an interest in fighting games. What began as a small club for UCI students, FG@UCI is now a community comprised of Southern California’s most passionate fighting gamers. 
Our mission is to host gatherings where fighting gamers can befriend, play, and learn with others. We accomplish this by providing a positive and enriching environment through our weekly sessions and occasional special events, which are all held at UCI and open to the general public. We strive to provide our members with resources necessary to enable their passion for fighting games.” – Fighting Gamers @ UCI

Casual Gaming Stations provided by Epic Gamer Productions
Our good friends at EGP will be providing many set ups to accommodate the onslaught of tournament games we’re featuring at SCR2013!

Twitter: @EGP_Compton

Why should you go to SCR?

Fighting Game Community
Over 1,200 fighting game fans have come together to showcase their skills and support of the games they love at SCR2011. With the ongoing camaraderie since the ’90s, your next opponent could be
your rival/friend for the next 15+ years.


Southern California has hosted some of the memorable competitive gaming events since the release of the Street Fighter series with legends such as Tomo Ohira, Mike Watson, Jeff Schaeffer, and Alex Valle. Today, the demand of competition at SCR has spread through many more games and more regions which has featured Daigo Umehara, Justin Wong, Ricky Ortiz, Filipino Champ, Gamerbee, Sako, and many more hungry for the title.

Prize Distribution
SCR2011 has successfully provided over $20,000 worth of cash and prizes to 100+ competitors and spectators participating in dozens of gaming events. SCR2013 will continue to provide support for the dedicated players and fans in the fighting games we love. Announcements on SCR2013 prizes will be revealed soon!

State of the art exposure will be provided in house by the Level Up team. Gaming, entertainment, and innovation is our motto and we’re pushing the envelope at SCR2013 once again. Smile for the camera, you may be the next player/fan to be featured in front of a worldwide audience!


SCR2013 will have community driven merchandise on sale such as apparel, peripheral, toys, and more! There will be on site discounts on many products for all your fighting game needs available at SCR!


In case you missed the action in SCR2011, here’s what you missed:

Feature Game Lineup
Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition 2012(Xbox360)
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3(Xbox360)
Tekken Tag Tournament 2(PS3)
Persona 4 Arena(PS3)
King of Fighters XIII(PS3)
Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown(PS3)
Mortal Kombat(PS3)
Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo (Arcade)
Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale (PS3)
Dead or Alive 5(Xbox360)
Soul Calibur 5(PS3)

Coming Soon!


Prize Distribution:

  • -SSF4:AE and Ultimate MvC3 – If 128 but under 256 entrants – Top 8 pay out – 1st (60%), 2nd (20%), 3rd (10%), 4th (4%), 5th (2%), 6th (2%), 7th (1%), 8th (1%). If 256 or more entrants – Top 16 pay out – prize distribution TBA
  • -TTT2, P4A, VF5:FS, KOFXIII, SCV, DOA5 – Top 8 pay out – 1st (60%), 2nd (20%), 3rd (10%), 4th (4%), 5th (2%), 6th (2%), 7th (1%), 8th (1%)
  • -MK, SSF2T, PSABR – Top 4 pay out – 1st(65%), 2nd(20%), 3rd(10%), 4th(5%)

SoCal Regionals Official Site:

Online Registration:

*Note – Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition ver.2012 and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 are the only headliner games with a $20 buy in.

  • Standard Registration (Nov.19-Jan.6): $35 registration fee, plus $10 per game.
  • Late Registration (Jan.7 – Jan.13): $45 registration fee, plus $10 per game.
  • On-Site Registration(Jan 18 Only!): $55 registration fee, plus $10 per game.

Spectator Fee:

  • On-Site Spectator Fee: 3 Day Pass: $10
  • Spectator fee applies to all attendees not participating in any headliner games.
  • Kids 12 years or younger are free, with adult supervision. (Not eligible for complimentary raffle)

Spectator Benefits:

  • 2 complimentary raffle tickets to win various prizes from our supporters
  • Access to casual gaming stations with players from all over the world.
  • Exclusive SCR vendor deals from gaming peripheral, apparel companies, and more!
  • Hands-on the latest titles and attractions from our sponsors. (More to be announced!)

January 18-20 2013 (MLK Weekend)

University of California, Irvine
Student Center
Ballroom C&D
Irvine, CA 92687
Web Site:
Campus Map:

Parking Structure on Pereira Dr –
All day parking $10
(In and out access is available as long as you keep your parking ticket)

Food and Beverage:
University Town Center – across campus
Food Court – Wendy’s, Wahoo’s, Panda Express, and Subway with limited hours above ballroom

Recommended Airport:
John Wayne Airport
18601 Airport Way, #41
Santa Ana, CA
(949) 252-5200 ‎ ·

Recommended Hotel:
Atrium Hotel
18700 MacArthur Blvd., Irvine, CA 92612
(949) 833-2770, Fax: (949) 757-0330
UCI Rate: $95

*IMPORTANT: Mention that you’re a traveler visiting UCI and that you chose the hotel from this listing found on SNAP UCI. They should honor the rate posted on the aforementioned listing site to UCI visitors, which still stands at $95 as of now. Note that the rate is subject to change.
Atrium Complimentary:
Shuttle to and from UCI and John Wayne Airport
Full breakfast buffet
In-room Internet access
Stream Channels: (leveluplive & leveluplive2)

Level|Up – SoCal Regionals Event Coordinator
“Level|Up actively works to improve the cohesion, collaboration, and awareness of local and worldwide communities by focusing on elements that are socially accepted; gaming and entertainment.
Level|Up brings a positive recreational atmosphere in gaming with others at events such as Wednesday Night Fights, The Runback, and premier tournaments. These events help defeat society’s video game pessimism through infallible community appreciation, acceptance, and encouragement to any generation of gamers.” – Level Up LLC.

Level|Up President:
Alex Valle
Level|Up Operations Manager:
Jimmy Nguyen
Level|Up Stream Producers:
AJ Papa/Frank Reyes/Louis Vigil
Level|Up Photography/Web Design:
Bryan Gateb

For more information on Level|Up events or interested in community programs and media, visit our sites:

Follow @levelupseries


Facebook Fan Pages:

*Level|Up or SCR staff is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged articles.
*Level|Up or SCR staff can eject any groups/individuals that cause harm or malicious intent from SCR at anytime.
*Level|Up can change/modify tournament rules at any time.

About Alex Valle

Alex Valle is a key figure in the fighting game community and has been a top player since 1995. With both player and community experience, he provides the cohesion element that is needed to bring existing communities together and form new ones.