Rushdown LIVE with Alex Valle!

Rushdown LIVE with Alex Valle!

Rushdown LIVE is a new show featuring various lesson plans, match insight, viewer participation and more from fighting game legend Alex Valle. The pilot episode will go over the most frequently asked topic in competitive fighting games, ‘Footsies 101’, and showcasing Street Fighter x Tekken insight on character selection. The follow up episode will feature player lobbies on Street Fighter x Tekken with various opponents and match analysis from Alex.

Lucky Level Up TwitchTV subscribers will be selected to join the fun and have their game rushed down and analyzed by Mr. Valle in front of thousands watching worldwide! Want a chance to train with Alex and participate in various lesson plans? Subscribe here to be eligible –

Rushdown LIVE pilot episode will air this Monday February 25, 2013 and the follow up episode on Tuesday February 26, 2013 at 5PM PST only on . Future episodes will be announced through our social media Twitter/Facebook so follow us!

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About Alex Valle

Alex Valle is a key figure in the fighting game community and has been a top player since 1995. With both player and community experience, he provides the cohesion element that is needed to bring existing communities together and form new ones.