Online Warrior Championships featuring Killer Instinct Season 2!

Online Warrior Championships Featuring Killer Instinct Season 2!


Killer Instinct Season 2 early access is here and we’re excited to announce our first online tournament series to celebrate the official release! Introducing Online Warrior Championships presented by Rushdown LIVE! Alex Valle will host a series of online tournaments this fall open to anybody in North America to see who’s the best online warrior in Killer Instinct. The tournament will feature special guest commentary and an amazingly stacked roster of competitors hungry to win cash, prizes, and nationwide bragging rights!

Why Killer Instinct?

Killer Instinct net play makes it possible to have competitive coast to coast battles. This is a perfect opportunity to grow the Killer Instinct scene with new a major update and new interest brewing in the fighting game community. New online warriors can showcase their talents among tournament veterans which will make for an entertaining event the world can see!

Will the event be streamed?

Online Warrior Championships is presented by Rushdown LIVE and streamed on our twitch channel

How do I register?

Registration is $20 to enter the tournament. $15 of the registration fee will go towards prizing and $5 goes toward servicing the tournament (project managing, commentary, online bracketing, stream, and PayPal fees). Tournament will also be capped at 64 players so first come, first serve! Registration will close the Friday before the event or if 64 players are reached. Whichever comes first!

1. Go to
2. Sign In
3. Send $20 goods/services payment to
4. In Paypal “Add a note” section, please enter the following information: Online Warrior Championships – Killer Instinct, Full Name, Xbox One Gamertag, Proof of Bandwidth Speed(See eligibility section for more details), and Location. If you leave any memo portion empty, you will not be eligible to enter the tournament and we’ll refund your entry fee. (Please also note: if you have a special tag by team or sponsor, insert your tag name and use ” | ” before your Xbox One Gamertag.)
5. Click Send and you’re set!

Paypal “Add  a note” Section Example:


Or simply click the “Buy Now” button below! Make sure to add a note(See step 4!) before finalizing your purchase!



What are the rules/format? (Please Note: Rules are subject to change at anytime.)

  • Killer Instinct is played on the Xbox One console
  • The tournament will have 4 pools with 16 players in each – Pools: 1, 2, 3 , and 4
  • All pools will run at the same time until semi finals are reached
  • Double Elimination (After a loss in Winner’s bracket, the player will be sent to Loser’s bracket.)
  • 2  players will qualify into the semifinals bracket, 1 winner’s and 1 loser’s side
  • All pools and semifinals matches will be best 2 out of 3 games
  • Winner’s Final, Loser’s Final, and Grand Finals will be best 3 out of 5 games
  • Winner of each game has to keep the same character while loser has the option to change characters
  • All stages are allowed and picked by host/winner.
  • Default time 99 seconds
  • Use of turbo or macros are not allowed.
  • Players must use their Xbox One gamertag they registered with and cannot have someone play in their place.
  • Players must report to their hosted lobby match within 5 minutes. Failure to communicate with staff or attend the lobby will result in a disqualification. (Please be considerate of your opponent while the tournament is LIVE because we cannot hold up the matches.)

Am I eligible to enter?

  • The tournament is only open to North American online warriors at this time.
  • 13 years and older only. Must have a legal guardian register if under 18.
  • Must have a minimum connection of 2 mbp upload speed to register! To verify bandwidth speeds: go to , click “Begin Test”, click “Share This Result”, copy the link, and post in PayPal “Add a Memo” section during registration.

What if we can’t connect? (Port Forwarding)

For optimal network connection, players must forward their ports on their router. This way, challengers will most likely become discoverable and prevent connectivity issues. If both players cannot connect to each other’s lobby, the player with the least amount of matches lost moves forward in the bracket. Unfortunately, network connectivity is beyond our control and the show must go on! For a detailed explanation about Port Forwarding, please visit the Xbox Network Ports page here –

What are the prizes?

1st 60% 2nd 30% 3rd 10% (If 64 players enter – 1st $576 2nd $288 3rd $96)
More prizes to be announced!

When is it?
We’re having 3 online tournaments this year starting at 6PM Pacific Standard Time:
Episode 1 – Oct. 20 (Registration is CLOSED!)
Episode 2 – Nov. 17 (Registration is CLOSED!)
Episode 3 – Dec. 22 (Registration is LIVE!)

Will there be seeding and online brackets?

Yes! We are seeding by region and recent major tournament accomplishments. PayPal “Add a note” section will let us know your region and recent major tournament results will be used from EVO2014 – TFC. Online brackets will be available on our page soon after registration closes.

What do I do on tournament day?

Tournament instructions will be posted closer to the event as they are being finalized.

Can I sponsor the event?

If you would like to sponsor the event, please contact

What if I have more questions?

Check out our Online Warrior Championships Facebook page and ask us anything about the event! –

What are my tournament instructions?

Communication is key to success for the Online Warrior Championships event. Please read the following steps to communicate with players and staff admins. Please also note the Xfire tournament start time is NOT the official start time of the tournament. This is only the time we’re seeding the bracket. Actual tournament start time is 6PM PST!

1. Create an account on (It’s Free!)
2. Create a profile
3. Add a GamerID for Killer Instinct and click save
4. Join the Online Warrior Episode 3 tournament
5. Add your opponent to a lobby(Whoever creates the lobby doesn’t matter). If you are having issues connecting to each other, please see step 11.
6. After creating your lobby, standby and open up a web browser for the communication process.
7. Go to the following free web based internet relay chat – Mibbit –
8. Enter your Xbox One Gamertag in the “Nick” section
9. Enter “#levelupseries” in the “Channel” section (Please Note: The channel name may change, in case it does we’ll post it on our chat
10. Click “Connect”
11. Upon entering the channel, await instructions from channel admins to start your match, report your results, or standby for stream. Let the admins know if there are any connectivity issues with your opponent. The admins will assist you and communicate with the stream director on the outcome.
12. When reporting, the winner must report the exact scores to channel admins in order to advance in the bracket. If there’s any discrepancy of scoring, players MUST show proof of results either by video or screenshot and send the link to our admins. You can get a video of the most recent match from KI’s built in match recorder. Let’s hope we’re all honest here so this doesn’t happen.
13. In case of any dsyncs or technical difficulties, you have to replay the match.
14. If you’re on standby for a stream match, create a private lobby of 3 and invite “calipower”. The admins will instruct you when you’re next for stream showcase.
15. Last, if you cannot use Mibbit for internet relay chat, please use our chat. You must create an account on Twitch to do this if you don’t already have one. Follow step 11 from here.
16. Good luck everyone!

Episode 1 Results!
1. The Steam Co | o CDjr
2. LL PaulB LL
3. Guttermagic
4. KIUF | RM PushaGrief
5. MT Rico suave
5. pH | almakashi
7. Proalienking17
7. C88 Bison

Full Bracket Results:

Online Warrior Championships Ep 1 Top 8:

Episode 2 Results!
1. The Steam Co | o CDJR o
2. Emperor Rebelo
3. MT Rico Suave
4. Hitbox Tyrant
5. ll PaulB ll
5. GnarlyFeatsNS
7. C88 Bison
7. EMPR PxG | DaytonJ

Online Warrior Championships Ep 2 Playlist:

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About Alex Valle

Alex Valle is a key figure in the fighting game community and has been a top player since 1995. With both player and community experience, he provides the cohesion element that is needed to bring existing communities together and form new ones.