Congrats to SBO 2012 Team USA AE Qualifiers!

On June 30, some of the finest US talent tried their best to earn a spot on Team USA for SBO 2012 Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition v 2012. In the end it came down to Team EG vs Team No SBO For You Part 2. Team EG, which consisted of Justin Wong, Ricky Ortiz, and Floe, came out of losers bracket to reset the momentum. The relentless NSFYP2, RZR. Latif, PR Rog, BT.Dieminion,  fought back and defeated Team EG to secure their spot as Team USA for SBO 2012! Congratulations to RZR. Latif, BT.Dieminion, and PR Rog as they will represent the US at SBO 2012 in Japan! Special thanks to Mad Catz for supporting the SBO 2012 qualifier and your continued appreciation of the fighting game community worldwide.

SBO2012 AE Qualifier Bracket:


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