BenQ Now A Proud Sponsor of Level | Up Series


Level Up, LLC is proud and excited to announce BenQ as an official sponsor of Level|Up Series. BenQ will be the official monitor provider for Level|Up Series’ tournaments and events such as the weekly Wednesday Night Fights and The Runback gaming series. With this sponsorship, BenQ and Level Up are committed to providing competitive gamers with high quality responsive gaming monitors. These high quality monitors will be a great addition to the events and tournament atmosphere.

“We are thrilled to have BenQ as a sponsor. They have been known for their high quality gaming monitors as well as sponsoring other competitive gaming genres. We are glad they are making strides with us in the fighting game community.” — Alex Valle, President and Co-founder, Level Up, LLC

Starting July 3, 2013, Wednesday Night Fights and The Runback tournament stations will be featuring the RL2455HM BenQ monitors, which is built with competitive gaming in mind. Full details about the monitor can be found here.

Be on the lookout in the coming days as Level|Up will have an exclusive promo code offering the monitors at a discounted price! Subscribers in the near future will also get a chance to win one of these awesome monitors as an exclusive subscriber-only giveaway! Subscribe and tune in!

About Alex Valle

Alex Valle is a key figure in the fighting game community and has been a top player since 1995. With both player and community experience, he provides the cohesion element that is needed to bring existing communities together and form new ones.