WNF Pre-game show featuring Blazblue Cross Tag Battle

WNF Pre-game show featuring Blazblue Cross Tag Battle

BBCTB May 2018 Tour Title

Our friends at Arc System Works is coming to Weds Night Fights for a special pre-game show this May 9 featuring Blazblue Cross Tag Battle. That’s not all, we will also have Blazblue Cross Tag Battle demo stations for everyone to enjoy along with Blake, Orie, Platinum, and Kanj on the build! ArcSystem Works is also presenting their ArcLive show before action begins on their Twitch channel. Blazblue Cross Tag Battle will also have a community driven stream provided by https://twitter.com/RS_FRC after the pre-game show! We are excited to have one of the most anticipated cross over titles from Arc System Works at Weds Night Fights for the first time! See you there!

eSports Arena
120 West 5th Street
Santa Ana, California 92701

Special ArcLive Presentation and Blazblue Cross Tag Battle demo casual stations available

Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Pre-game show


WNF Blazblue Pre-game show

Community Stream


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